Friday, December 28, 2007

Ethics of Designer Deaf Babies

Jay Krieger presents a discussion on moral and social ethics on producing Deaf babies. Jay hopes to demonstrate that its NOT morally unethical as long as they are "designed" before conception. The issue we are seeing may be within the social ethics.

Note: Jay does not discuss selection of embryos, but looks at the decisions made prior to conception.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Jay Krieger yawns, but he is not bored. Jay explains the science behind yawning. Feel free to yawn!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Would you consider a CI? Cortical Implant

Jay Krieger talks about cortical implant -- artificial vision for the blind. Most of us are content with our identities, not wanting a cochlear implant, but suppose we lost our sight today, would we consider a cortical implant to restore some of our vision back?

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Varying Reactions to Various Implants

Jay Krieger rambles on how we all have our own various personal reactions to various implants. The reactions could be based on our personal values, culture, religion, necessity, phobia, language, etc. Eventhough all kinds of implants are technological advances, we have various tolerances toward them.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Curious? Indiana DBC Rally Brief Update

Jay Krieger joined the Indiana Deaf Bilingual Coalition at the Purdue University. Jay shares some of his experiences there. The whole thing has been very positive. Jill & John Lestina will be posting a much more thorough experience for you real soon.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Jay Krieger came across an amusing article discussing why we say "bless you" whenever we sneeze. He explains what messages are used by other cultures around the world when they sneeze.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Laughter is the best medicine, indeed!

Jay Krieger explains how and why laughter is the best medicine, indeed.

Note: After this vLog was made, Jay learned that apparently humans are NOT the only species that laugh -- look at Wiki's Laughter

Saturday, October 27, 2007

New Model: National Deaf School!

Jay Krieger proposes a radical new concept in Deaf education -- moving away from our Pre-Civil War state school model toward a modern and private National Deaf School model.

Are you moral?

Jay Krieger discusses moral judgement, using several examples. He explains that judgement are made by either by reason/rationale or by emotion. He thought that if we understood how we judge a bit better, we could use that knowledge as a tool to our advantage in winning over people who may be opposed to some of our struggles.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Identity vs Symptom

Click here if the video above is blank

Using a dwarf-based scene from the "House" TV series on DVD, Jay Krieger shows that many of our personal and community struggles parallels so much with theirs. We all have our own adversities to overcome. Although it is not Jay's intention to change anyone's views and opinions on any issues, Jay hopes we set aside our beliefs, just for a brief moment, and view this vLog with an open mind. You may find it quite interesting to see that we are not unique.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Geese know something that we don't?

Among numerous "forwarded emails", Jay Krieger came across one discussing Geese that inspired him. Jay discusses its v-formation and how they work so well as a team, and tries to use its model to encourage the Deaf community do the same principles they use so well: teamwork, support, respect, value and sharing.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sh*t Happens

Jay Krieger presents a few amusing stories on how life can be imperfect. How things can happen to us, when we least expect them. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

What makes same the same?

Jay Krieger presents an entertaining and thought-provoking paradox on how we define the same the same. What makes things the same? Jay describes a few examples and closes with several possible methods of how we might determine how things are the same. Enjoy!

Note: Jay used several sources including Wikipedia to put together some of the examples.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Deaf Schools Budgets are just a blip on States' Budgets

Jay Krieger points out that budgets to run Deaf Schools, which may run as much as 25 million dollars a year, are simply a blip on their States' budgets. A simple State-wide cut may appear insignificant from their Governers' perspective but impacts these schools at a greater magnitude.

Understanding this, we need to come up with strategies to prevent States from touching Deaf schools' budgets when cutting needs to occur. Jay will touch some of these strategies, but you are welcome to suggest your ideas.

Weak Funding; Lackluster Deaf Education

Jay Krieger points out that advances in Deaf Education continue have been wonderful, but we continue to have lackluster funding from outside sources to bring these advances into our Deaf schools. Jay points out an example showing how VRS providers pour funding into the Deaf community, rather than in Deaf Education.

NOTE: I am aware some of the conferences are sponsored by a few VRS providers, but it is still lackluster.

Are the Blind Better At Politics?

Jay Krieger points out very briefly an example how the Blind is able to navigate through our government system and politics to get them better benefits.

This is one of several examples Jay hopes to point out in the near future that will lead us into a discussion on the Deaf "voice" (or lack of) within our the government system and politics.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Say No to No!

Jay Krieger discusses a philosophy on negativity. We need to say No to No! No to Negativity! Jay discusses that being negative on negativity generates positivity. Jay demonstrates that even mathematics agree to this philosophy.

Jay came up with this philosophy from an advertisement found in the Discover magazine.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Help only when asked to!

Jay Krieger discusses how people tend to help without being asked to. They are NOT helping by helping. People need to respect a person and help ONLY when asked to. Jay presents some real-life examples using his experiences with a deaf-blind friend.

Interpreter + Artistic = Better Interpreters

Jay Krieger discusses how an interpreter needs to step back and be artistic in the area that the client lacks to be a better interpreter. Jay discusses his additional efforts in describing things when interpreting for the deaf-blind. Jay continues with this example on ASL interpreters who may want to be artistic in describing sounds along with their interpreting.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Pride is a magnet toward unity

Jay Krieger believes having pride is the best thing anyone can have. Once a person has pride, it will become a magnet attracting the person to others with same pride, creating unity.

ASL: How much of it do you require to understand?

Jay Krieger wonders how much of ASL would you require to be able to understand? Jay explains his experience using ASL with a deaf-blind friend.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Where am I really from?

Jay Krieger wonders from where should he tell his friends asking him where he is from.

Are we truly independent?

Jay Krieger wonders if we truly feel independent. He feels that only until we truly own, control, and/or govern interpreting, relay providers, and other technologies and services that we rely for our independence, we can truly be independent.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Grassroots: Carriers of our ASL?

Inspired by his grassroot Deaf grandparents, Jay Krieger gives his analysis of the grassroots of Deaf Community. He presents some angles on how some of us may determine what makes a Deaf person a "Grassroot". He further speculates that maybe grassroot Deaf are "carriers" of true ASL. He closes with emphasis that they are equally important in our community as the rest of us.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Are Deaf Referees Hearing?

Jay Krieger wanted to share his observation of many Deaf Referees at the USADB basketball tournament.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Achieving Greatness; through Ying-Yang Philosophy

Jay Krieger introduces the Chinese Ying Yang philosophy. He continues on with how he believes we can achieve greatness, growth, and betterment by applying this philosophy.

Google problems? Heres your Direct Link

Monday, March 26, 2007

Surrogate Parents

It is known that children develop very well when these kids receive quality education and then continue learning with their parents and families. Parents and siblings read stories, do other "educational" activities at home. Jay Krieger would like to draw your attention to many other kids who have to reside at schools. The residential staff have to assume the role as surrogate parents and foster residential kids learning at "home".

Note to Canadians: Notice the shirt? I bought it in Canada during my bike trip around Lake Superior with my two other buddies (ABC and a friend).

Note to the rest of you non-bikers AND DAVID MARTIN, have a taste of open road -- check here Jay and ABC hit the road!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

We are the Movers and Shakers!

We have UNITED once again, yet on another platform -- on the vlogsphere! The Gallaudet letters on SLCC is direct evidence. Jay Krieger explains that we expressed anger, debated on our course of action, executed it, and look at the results.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Its all about making connections!

Jay Krieger shares a brief moment in time that inspired him. He discusses that in life, its often all about making connections.

We finally did it!

A number of us, vLoggers, were hoping that one day we will see more vLogs than Blogs.

Real Business Happen It Did! at 11:49am EST 3/24/07!

Oh huh, what have I done? This post would be counted as a blog, right? Eeps!

The power rests within your message!

Jay Krieger gives an example of how the message itself, not necessarily you, is where the power is. It is in his hopes after you view this, you would be more comfortable presenting your messages without giving too much concern about who you are or how you look.

Why we need English?

Sure, bilingualism is doing very well in our Deaf community, but why exactly did we have to learn English? Jay Krieger explains his views on why, and continues discussion on how he thinks Deaf community can be more louder.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Thru Deaf Eyes: Hit and miss

Adding to an ongoing list of reviews of Through Deaf Eyes found on DeafRead, Jay Krieger presents his own views of the film itself, and why he thinks it was a hit and miss. Jay opens with his review of the film, why it hits and misses, and then finishes with an explanation of a film he wishes to see instead.

Video.Google seem to have problems, so for a direct access to the vLog, go here.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Describing Colors to Blind and Sounds to Deaf

How can you truly explain colors to the Blind? Likewise, how can you truly explain sounds to the Deaf? After eye or cochlear implants, Jay Krieger wonders how you can truly can ensure they see true colors or hear true sounds.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

It Takes a Village to Raise a Deaf Kid

Jay Krieger demonstrates how it took a village to raise a kid. Jay introduces his second daughter Sami for a quick bonus, an interview and closes with a brief summary.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

How YOU can make a difference!

Jay Krieger discusses different levels of granularity and helps you figure out where your passion is at which level, then you can start to try to make a difference there.

A Reason Why Deaf Schools are Closing

There are many factors that lead toward closing Deaf schools. Jay Krieger discusses one possible factor (among many others); Economics. He discusses why he thinks schools are not doing good job presenting why their schools are cost effective.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste!

In observation of what is happening on DeafRead, Jay Krieger expressed from his heart his views on History, Education and Unity. It is in his hopes that viewers will take his message in their hearts and come together and work toward a greater good.

Survival of the Fittest

Jay Krieger rambles on that Deaf are humans first, behaves the same way humans do, to survive over time. He emphasizes that all humans globally have their right to exist.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Harley-Davidson: Life is Good!

To honor David Martin's request, heres my first Harley-Davidson story-poem done in ASL. It was originally written while I was cruising through South Dakota.

The written blog can be found at Life is Good!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Have Deaf people evolved away from Deaf-Mutes?

Showing video clips from a 77 year old film taken at a NAD Convention in 1930 at Buffalo, Jay Krieger introduces the possibility that maybe we, Deaf people, have evolved away from Deaf-Mutes.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Where does the Deaf fit in our Universe?

Jay Krieger goes philosophical by discussing where he thinks the Deaf fits in our vast Universe.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Nature Calls! (Female Version)

Back by poplar demand! Jay Krieger presents a female version. Pardon the longer length of the vLog, but we cannot help it, as females do it longer, heh?

The male version (much shorter, grin!) can be found at Nature Calls!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Nature Calls!

Excuse me, nature calls!

Improving or Worsening?

Jay Krieger presents a fun and short vLog and asks you if you think he has improved or worsened. Its probably a bad joke, but still a fun one.

Can ASL be Legally Binding?

Jay Krieger wonders if our ASL kept on DVDs or other media can be legally binding?

Discussing Welch's Whole or Particular

After viewing Welch's ASL Juice's Deaf Views: Whole or Particular, Jay Krieger offers his discussion on the topic.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Anonymous can be great!

In response to Carl Schroeder's vLog Another New Order of Deaf People: Anonymous, Jay Krieger discusses his opinions on why he believes Anonymous commenters can be good and valuable to the vBlogSphere; only when they are not trash.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Who is intelligent? Jay Krieger covers the word intelligence and shows that people can be intelligent in many other ways beyond academic excellence.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Blind Trust

Jay Krieger discusses blind trust -- how we place so much trust on our lives to folks we do not know and how that compares with placing your trust on interpreters.

Is it Deaf Culture or Lack of Respect?

Jay Krieger brings up a common debate on how we should be calling our teachers or professors by their names. By their first names? By their last names? By their signed names that include their last names?

What would you do? Interpreter Situations

A lot, probably all, Deaf folks have experience using interpreters in many situations. Jay Krieger explains his three real-life situations; then asks what you would do if you were in these situations. Jay then explained what he actually did by clicking on the vLogs below.

What I Did: Meeting
What I Did: Interview
What I Did: Auditorium

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Pinging and mmming, jeez!

Jay Krieger recounts a futile experience he had with trying to explain the sound of a problem with his car.

Philosophy behind Labeling

In this crazy world where people label people into zillions of categories, Jay Krieger discusses his philosophy behind it, why we do that, and what we can do about it.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Great Gladiators of vBlogSphere

Jay Krieger introduces the Great Gladiators of vBlogSphere. Jay apologies he is not able to include all great vBloggers..

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Group Hug!

In a weak attempt to bring back together our community, Jay Krieger volunteers to interpret for Annie and her very short but powerful message to unite us.

Note: Yeah, I realize maybe I should be signing on the main screen, and Annie could be in the box interpreting me, but I think the message would be the same.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Victorian DeafRead!

To get us on a lighter side, Jay Krieger narrates how DeafRead would look like during the Victorian Times!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

T-Mails key role in the Civil War victory!

Did you know that T-Mails were used long before the Unity for Gallaudet protest? Like how T-Mails played a key role in the UFG's victory, Jay Krieger explains how T-Mails played a key role for President Abraham Lincoln's victory in the Civil War!

Gally Education Gone to the Dogs?

Jay Krieger made an interesting observation when using several Internet search engines, and noticed what sites show up on the first page.

(chuckling... yeah I know this vLog is 3:35 minutes, grin.)

NOTE: Click on screen prints to enlarge them in a new window.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Emotional When Skimming vLogs

Jay Krieger observed that skimming blogs is not the same as skimming vlogs. Jay explains that sometimes we have emotional triggers when trying to cut off or rush a vlog. Jay closes with four suggestions on how to set up your vlog so that it can be skimmed easier.

Note: oops, my vlog is 4:43 long, sorree ;-)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Old 1863 Silent Film - Maybe First Hearing Test Experiment

Jay Krieger found this very old silent film made in 1863. This film may be among the first hearing test experiments. Yes, the scientist in the film is my ancestor -- strong resemblance!

Yes, rivers can flow upward!

Jay Krieger's sister Marl could not figure how a river could flow upward, until the teacher demonstrates how, using few signs in ASL. Jay wonders how much it would take to explain this same thing in English.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Captioning Killer!

Jay Krieger manages to kill nagging captioning!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Remaking of "The Perfect Storm"

As a tribute to the glorious Unity for Gallaudet protest, Jay Krieger explains a remake of The Perfect Storm that he saw.

For your entertainment, this is probably our vLogSphere's very FIRST vLog-based game!

I used fourteen (14) "key" words, names, phrases, and activities related to the Protest "hidden" within the story. Can you find them?

To get you started, "Perfect Storm" as the title is the first hidden one. "Gallaudet" in the "Sea of Gallaudet" is the second hidden one. Can you find 12 more? The answer can be found in the FIRST comment. No Peeking!

Have fun!

I thought I could speak... but only in Hebrew!

Jay Krieger recounts his youth experience when he spoke... but only in Hebrew! Jay believes he has no speech ability, whatsover.

Monday, February 19, 2007

"VLogger Triple Portrait" -- Inspired by Norman Rockwell

I love Norman Rockwell's art work. His Triple Portrait inspired me to do my own version!

Triple Portraits and a "mirror"!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Year 2200: Deafness goes Extinct; but ASL Survives!

Jay Krieger presents his first vMeditation. He talks about what he thinks will happen to the Deaf community in Year 2200, why he thinks that would be so, and what things he believes we could do now. He also covers the separation of social issues from language to help us move forward.

(TIP! Clicking on each vLog Section below will bring up a new Window. Close that window when done viewing and return back here to select your next vLog Section.)

Introduction (2:50)
Contents (1:15)
Need to Fix It (2:56)
Kurzweil's Singularity (2:56)
The Past (2:23)
The Present (2:59)
The Future: Singularity! (1:52)
Back to the Present (3:05)
Conclusion (1:02)
Appendix: An Experiment (3:24)
Appendix: Vloggers, How I did this (1:42)
This vMeditation in PowerPoint (0:46 - use Pause Button)

NOTE: This vMeditation is completely an independent opinion of his own using his own personal observations, philosophies, and beliefs. Jay emphasizes that he is no linguist, sociologist, xxx-ist, etc., but rather a rambling layman. He hopes this vMeditation leads us toward a positive and learning debate environment where anybody can express their agreements or disagreements.

Friday, February 16, 2007

KODA learn better in ASL?

Working with her Koda daughter, Jay Krieger observed that it appears that kodas learn better in ASL.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Filtered VLogs at Schools

Jay Krieger presents a dilemma where schools often filters out videos from YouTube, Video.Google and other sites as part of Internet Safety for our children. He calls for ideas and opinions

Do not feed the animals!

Jay Krieger talks about his experience that he believes are typical with other folks from Deaf schools.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Recording languages: Technology levels playing field

In this short vlog, Jay Krieger briefly extends his discussion in his previous vlog ASL can be Recorded! showing that through technology, recordkeeping is now equal for all languages.

Transcribing your VLogs, but only with your consent

Jay Krieger reflects on his observations regarding the debate on captioning or transcribing vlogs. This topic seem to have hit a nerve for some members of the Deaf Community. Jay discusses his own experiences of captioning and transcribing. He does not think it will be widely accepted by the vloggers, simply because the process involved somewhat burdens the vloggers. It also affects vloggers' natural thought processes and sometimes corrupts the ASL message itself.

However, Jay introduces Ben Vess ( and how his transcribing service could benefit you (and others). You may want to simply consent to a transcript developed by Ben and his group and have it kept on a separate website. The important thing he pointed out is that Ben exhibits respect for the ASL language and especially the vloggers' personal choices.

Monday, February 12, 2007

ASL can be recorded!

In this VLog Jay Krieger talks about languages' need for permanent records. ASL has been struggling to come up with record keeping -- using paper. But ASL needs to break free and use different record keeping system. Jay closes with an idea on having some sort of central library or repository to preserve all our ASL records.

VLogging: Code Switching?

Jay Krieger explains that it appears when he signs for a VLog, he code-switched to English. However, for this VLog, he intentionally tries to stay in ASL mode.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Feel Free To Express!

After seeing some turbulence in the blog sphere on the undue pressure vloggers have to caption/transcribe your vlogs, Jay Krieger discusses his philosophy on preserving our freedom to express our messages in their purest form, and then decide how handle the consequences of their delivery. Jay also discusses other captioning/transcribing approaches.

--------------------------- TRANSCRIPT ---------------------------
This eTranslation is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the author and the translator. Under no circumstance can this transcript be used for commercial purposes.

Vlog site:

Vlog author: Jay Krieger

Translated from American Sign Language by Benjamin Vess

ASL Copyright 2007, Jay Krieger.

This transcript is a translation from American Sign Language into English. The contents below has not yet been review and/or approved by the the author. Any errors in translation and/or, but not limited to, interpretation is at the fault of the translator alone.

"Feel Free To Express!"
by Jay Krieger
Sunday, February 11, 2007

hello today i'm glad to be discussing a litte bit more in depth on the concept of anonymous in comparison to the oppression of the need of captioning/subtitling, transcript, etc. currently at debate in blogosphere that caused some fears, concerns, and senstivity, and got to the point where some people decided to drop out of vlogging because they're scared.

I have been thinking and it's really interesting because this is all still very new for all of us. I want to share with you my views and philosophy on the subject. My philosophy is "KISS:" Keep it Simple and Sweet. Not a "short and simple message," no. Keeping the process simple, that is.

Really, I have four main points to expand on here: The first one--the message inside your head,at its most purest form. The brainstorming, the thinking--whether it be in ASL or English, whatever language you choose is fine--the abstract thought. Then you proceed to present your message and walk away--leaving your message out there.

The message presented should be at its most purest form. Imagine a painter was painting a picture on a canvas, finishing it up. Does it have a statment underneath the finished work explaining as to why he painted the picture that way, moving the strokes a certain way? No, there isn't any; it is an artistic expression. The canvas on display is left for people to look at and think of their own interpretation whether it's the same as the artist or not, we don't know. One would have to talk to a painter and ask "what's that on the painting?" That belongs to a later point: the consequences.

But let's go back: the message should be at its purest form. At this point, don't worry about captioning/subtitling or transcripts. It's important to get the message out of your head and presented. Now that part is completed--we go on to the next step, the second step: what is the consequences of that message? The message has been presented and you've left--it's sitting out there, whether it be a blog, in writing or signed, in a vlog. Now once it's out there, whatyou could do--there are options, you could want a transcript...install captioning...or you may even want to speak (not me). Or maybe nothing. Leave the message alone, as is.

Also, you must be senstitive to your responsibility to the message you present, it should not be in libelous or slanderous nature. If the message is truly important to a wide audience and you feel responsible to add more message (ie transcripts, captioning) to better reach your readers/viewers. But, if you chose not to do that, that's okay, it is your decision. It's all up to you. Now that concludes the second step, the consequences of your message.

As we move on to the third point, people out there who watches/read the blog/vlog and see that it's important could volunteer to offer, "Can I write a transcript for you?" I think you should say, "Sure, you're welcome to do that." You get to do nothing, it's really easy just to put a link or an excerpt or anything. They wrote it, that's nice.

Now to the fourth and final point, you decide: no, you do not want their assistance in translating your vlog/blog into a transcript or add captioning. You don't want anything in addition to your vlog/blog. The people who offered you the service get your repsonse and decide to go ahead without your permission and create a transcript on their own blog. Well, it's the internet, it's free for anyone, anonymous or not. Anything goes.

But I think the people (translators) should give the blogger/vloggers the courtesy of giving credit where it is due and inform the original author of republication. It's not okay when someone translates and claim the translation as their original idea. But if they decide not to give credit where it is due, then I think it is easier accept their transcript.

Now, to sum up all four points, you should feel free to express anything you want, from thought in your mind into a message in whatever form that's most purest to you. That's the true value of the message. Don't worry about the other things that cloud your message.

I want to close up with an idea/suggestion, i have many ASL and interpreting classes out there, many of them volunteers, some of them still learning ASL, watching the vlogs/blogs. That group could use transcripting as part of their training. ASL teachers now could assign homework to the class telling them to go home and pick two or three vlogs/blogs that has no transcript. Go ahead and look on the internet, it's easy to find. One could look at, look at many different ways to find a vlog/blog without a transcript and the students have to write a transcript then contact the author of the blog/vlog.

This way the student could talk to that person and see if the transcript gets accepted as part of their learning experience, processing and translating ASL--contacting a Deaf person, getting involved with the Deaf community.

Feel free, the internet is free!

"Feel Free To Express!"
by Jay Krieger
Sunday, February 11, 2007

This transcript is a translation from American Sign Language into English. The contents below has not yet been review and/or approved by the the author. Any errors in translation and/or, but not limited to, interpretation is at the fault of the translator alone.

This eTranslation is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the author and the translator. Under no circumstance can this transcript be used for commercial purposes.

Vlog site:

Vlog author: Jay Krieger

Translated from American Sign Language by Benjamin Vess

ASL Copyright 2007, Jay Krieger.

--------------------------- TRANSCRIPT ---------------------------

Friday, February 9, 2007

Perfect! Me sign anonymously; you respond anonymously

Jay Krieger explains his opinion on folks commenting anonymously. He believes that since he signs to anonymous readers; thus, anonymous responses are equally welcome, if they desire so.

Comparing Bilingual with 2nd Language

In this vlog, Jay Krieger attempts to describe what he thinks is the difference between being bilingual and having a second language.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Personal DeafRead: Using RSS Readers

Jay Krieger discusses how you could be your own editor by creating your own "Personal DeafRead" aggregator through use of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and Atom Readers widely available off the Internet. You can then pick up unfiltered posts from any other blogs or sites (deaf-related or not) that interest you.

Oops, I did that

Jay Krieger shows some of his (and commonly others') experiences of doing things that slightly contradicts with "Deaf people can do everything but hear".

Additional Info on OSU Automated Captioning

After reading this DeafRead Link about new software that automates closed captioning developed by OSU, I asked my staff to contact them to find out more about the software. Here is their response (copied/pasted) . Names have been blotted out as I have not extended the courtesy of asking the person for permission to have this posted.

Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2007 6:26 PM
Subject: RE: Automated Closed-Captioning software

Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, the story in the OColly wasn’t completely accurate. (It think they might have been trying to pump OSU up a little higher that the complete truth.)

The truth is, I didn’t write all the software necessary for the full automation.

The full process actually takes three different software packages, mine is just one of them.

I am still writing and tweaking on the software and it will not be commercially available until I have had some time to write the help files, build a website for support, tweak in the installer a bit, etc. So, it might be 6 months or so before it’s really ready for prime time.

The three tools you will ultimately need to match OSU’s system are Autodesk Cleaner, BBN Avoke
STX (telephony version), and TransCapMedia AutoSpark.

The software I wrote is called AutoSpark. TransCapMedia is a company I am just now starting so
getting that company up and running might delay the process a little too.

Anyway, thanks for your interest, please give me a shout in six months or so and hopefully I will finally have it ready to go.

As far as sending you a copy to try, unfortunately having my part of the software won’t do you any good without at least having the software from BBN. Because, what really turns the audio into text, is the software from BBN. I just take their output and convert it into a caption. And, since I didn’t write their program, I unfortunately can’t give you a copy of it to try. And, I think the last I checked they wanted quite a bit of money for it. Sorry for the bad news.

I will try eventually try to work out a deal with BBN and Autodesk to see if I can create a server with everything already installed on it and ready to go that I could sell and use for demos and whatnot. So the good news is, down the road, I might eventually be able to help you out with a demo unit.


XXXXXX, Emerging Technology
Oklahoma State University Institute for Teaching and Learning Excellence

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Oppressor-Oppressed: Vicious Cycle?

Jay Krieger discusses a brief example of a vicious cycle of the oppressed being oppressors.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Sheer Luck!

Wind speed? Check!
Descent rate? Check!
Object targeted!
Scanning for safety…

I’ll get it! I’ll get it!

Circling at target
Adjusting for water reflection
Splash! Touchdown!

Taking off slowly
Flapping prize in front of my eyes!
My dinner!


Not When

I’m sitting on the beach watching…

The seagull hovering in the sky scanning the waters.
Suddenly it crashed into the water.
After some clumsy flapping around, it took off with a small fish in its bills.

What a sheer luck, I thought.

Written while on his Harley solo ride about

My Rider Education Article

A couple of years ago, I attended American Bikers Aimed Toward Education (ABATE) motorcycle safety course. It was a good experience for me, so I decided to write to Indiana ABATE magazine, and it was published. Click on the two images below, which will enlarge them. For the first page, look to your right side under RiderEd MailBag. That column continues to the next page on its upper left side. Enjoy!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Achieving Critical Mass: The Key to Success

Jay Krieger gives a perspective on the Critical Mass concept. Once we understand the “art” of achieving critical mass in any movement, we will see greater success.

Life is good

In the scorching heat
Riding down a country route
Full of prairie
In South Dakota

Armed with water
Smeared with sun lotion
Full stomach
Full gas tank

Approaching a biker group up front
That cruised at a leisure speed
Harley fellow riders

Wanting solitude
Opening gas throttle
Engine guns and passes them by
Riders grimace my roaring pipes

Down the route
A large biker group
Approaching by in a zigzag format
They saluted

I noticed a stranded bike on shoulder
A gal looking down
Her frustrated boy on his knees
Fidgeting on the engine

My crowd in front
The other crowd in my rear mirror
Not one noticed
Nor cared

Screeched to a stop
Made an U-turn
Guy looks up and waves 'go on'
But gal pleads with her eyes

Guy thumbs 'all is cool'
But gal gives out a 'gimme-a-ride' look
Dismounting from my horse
Gave her a bottle of cool water

Guy thumbs up 'thanks'
Gal waves 'thanks'
Treated them with a thunder
From my straight pipes
Take care!

Continuing on my way
Catching up with life
That waited for me
Life is good.

During a Harley ride-about north of Sturgis, South Dakota

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts -- 2007 World Champions!


Somewhere in Michigan…

An old June 25, 1990 Indianapolis Star Section C page floated on a light breeze somewhere in the upper Michigan peninsula.

It landed at an intersection when the breeze dies out. A lady in an old Chevrolet zoomed by, drawing the Section C into its vacuum. Section C wrapped itself on the leaf spring underneath the vehicle by the force of the wind.

In a while, the Chevy lady pulled up by a local diner. Section C, without the wind to help keep it in place under the car, floated down and away toward the middle of the parking lot.

A trucker walked up, all full and wide-awake from his hearty breakfast at the diner, toward his truck, and fired the diesel up. As the truck turned into the highway, Section C got windswept into the cavity between the truck and its trailer.

Somewhere in Indiana…

The trucker pulled into a rest area to relieve himself of all the coffee he drank the last eight hours. Section C freed itself and floated away onto the ground.

The gas attendant, collecting trash around the gas station, picked up Section C and placed it along with another discarded paper items into a paper-recycling bin by the curb.

An upcoming storm was blowing strong winds, and some of its currents blew all papers and Section C out of the recycling bin, pushing them southward.

Finally Section C swirled out and slid onto the open road. It then got caught in a tailwind of a blue Harley and slid further a quarter of mile before it got stuck into a cow fence by the road side.

“C!”, “C!” screams a June 25 1990 Indianapolis Star Section A front page wrapped around the same cow fence post. “Oh my poor baby C, where have you been?!?” “I have been waiting for you for the last three years since you left me.” “Oh C, nevermind, I am so happy you are home with me now!”

“Yes ma!” “I know!” “I have missed ya, ma, too!” said Section C

Morale: Anything, small or big, that moves in front of you may have its own journey!

Written while on Harley solo rideabout


Life is a struggle....
.....but struggle is life

There's no...
Denying it
Avoiding it
Hiding it

Embrace it
Learn from it
Manage it

Thus life grows enriched!

Inspired during a Harley ride-about somewhere around Lake Michigan


Got ‘em at the continent view
Still we lose our way
Got ‘em at the regional view
Still we lose our way
Got ‘em at the state view
Still we lose our way
Got ‘em at the county view
Still we lose our way
Got ‘em at the town view
Still we lose our way
Got ‘em at the street view
Still we lose our way

Birds, animals, insects, and all creatures of nature
Got no maps

Still they never lose their way!

Sami Krieger in Miracle on 34th Street

My daughter Sami Krieger had a short role in the Miracle on 34th Street movie. She was 5 years old when she did the role. Hard to believe she will be joining her eldest sister Amanda at Gallaudet this fall. This is simply an adorable piece that I could not resist sharing with you. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Status Quo: Challenge It!

Jay Krieger discusses Status Quo, and that we need to challenge it, question it, understand it before we accept it.

Friday, February 2, 2007



Is everything in Life dual?

Goodness and evil.
Life and death.
Future and past.

But you exist.

Everything in Life is a trio!

Goodness, you, and evil.
Life, you, and death.
Future, you and past.


In goodness, in evil, only you decide.
Given life and taken by death, only you live.
Will be in the future, been in the past, only you can be.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Enjoy or Ignore: You have the power

Jay Krieger discusses the power you have on whether you would enjoy or ignore certain b/vlogs. You would view certain b/vlogs only if you enjoy them, and simply skip those b/vlogs you do not enjoy them. The b/vloggers can present their messages in however form they like.

The point being made here is that there is no need to push expectations on the b/vlogger if you do not like what you see; but to just move on. However, debating on the presented message in themselves are what really counts.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

ASL-Message Disassociation Exercise

Jay Krieger thinks up of a crazy but simple (maybe not) exercise for you to try to disassociate messages formulated in your mind and the ASL language. Perhaps this can help you see how your messages are at their purest form in your mind before they get corrupted by use of language as they are conveyed away from the mind.

It is suggested that you view my previous vlog
Delivery of ASL Messages before viewing this vlog.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Delivery of ASL Messages

Jay Krieger discusses the issues in the delivery of messages. Messages are in their purest forms in the mind, but gets garbled as soon as it leaves the mind through language.

VLog 101: Brief Introduction

A brief introduction to vlogging. This supplements the information offered by other vloggers. Hopefully this reaches out to those of you who have the desire to express but may be uncertain about the technology involved...

Sunday, January 28, 2007


There I stand on the driveway. Stretching my legs while leaning against the car trunk. I thought, what a great day for a run. November. Trees snowing bright yellow leaves. Crisp air sucked in deeply. Yeah, I think I will run my usual route around the neighborhood and push myself to complete nearly 4 miles.

Resetting my pedometer to zero, tightening my hat and gloves, I started to run. My breathing feels fresh. I feel my muscles waking up and getting warm.

As I approach my first right turn, I thought, here I go again, running. But I wanted to run. I know it always felt good afterwards. But don’t I feel slight cramp creeping up my calf? Hey, I have run this route entirely often so I know I can do it.

Ah, the long straightway. Time to feel free. All parts of my body are pumping rhythmically. My mind starts to wander, watching thoughts racing by like falling stars. I surf my thoughts as if I thumb on my TV remote. Looking for something interesting.

My left toes interrupted. I feel the edges of my socks. I cannot run with that bothering me. But do I want to stop and disturb my peace? My toes reported they will no longer protest and wishes me be on my way.

There I make my right turn. That part of the road may not give me harmony, but it will continue my peace. I breathe harder. I feel great. Perfect blue skies above. I feel little kink on my side as I have to keep an eye on rushing cars. I needed to cross the road, and leave my worries behind.

I am in another world. This part of road snakes through pristine neighborhood. Everything is in perfection. Manicured grass. Well behaved dogs. Expensive multiple cars on each driveway.

Thoughts came. Some stayed. Some went. I realize somebody has been throwing my thoughts at me. Actually I feel them coming from two separate objects. My mind’s eye looks to the left, and sees Goodness. Happiness. Harmony. Courage. Confidence. The eye turned to the right and sees Sadness. Despair. Fear. Doubt. Chaos.

I call the left Left. I call the right Right.

Left says “Ain’t life grand? The run is doing me great!” Right says “Isn’t your calf cramping, or aren’t you losing your toes?” Hey, this is going to be fun. I continue my pace through this road until I reach a spiritual corner. There. A church. I detour through its parking lot thinking about the church’s people who come to this place, their sacred place, probably once a week. Probably came to try find their peace. But hey, I am having my own peace right here out in Nature (okay, here in the parking lot!). I smile. Peace is everywhere in front of you. You choose to see it or not.

I leave the parking lot and turned right again. I realize that my Left and Right are still talking whatever nonsense “behind me”. Hey, I realize I am actually not sure where they are, but I feel their presence close to my shoulders behind me, but never in my vision. I do not feel their weight. I do not know if they are sitting on me, following me, or inside me.

Left says “Feel the pain. Stretch your lungs. Feel the muscle work. Feel yourself grow strong”. Right says “Hey isn’t this cold? Am I hurting my lungs? Maybe I should stop and walk a bit. Nobody will care if you did not finish this route. Actually, nobody has to know”

I do not care. I bend my head a bit forward to get out of the way between Left and Right. I leave them close behind me bickering with each other. I think I will run faster at my last quarter mile.

Left says “Right on man! I will feel accomplishment. I will be proud of myself”. Right says “What the heck! Why run more? Am I trying to prove something to somebody?”

I feel grand. I am in total control of my body. I do a full systems check. Toes: check. Calves: check. Thighs: check. Groin: oh, that’s a big check. Chest: go for it! Arms: no sweat! Neck: green light! Mind: all engines forward, course straight ahead!

I feel Left. I become Left. Left becomes myself. I feel Goodness. Happiness. Harmony. Courage. Confidence. Peace! I no longer see my road. My mind and my body are in ultimate harmony. My mind trusts my body. My mind roams free, far away from seeing the remaining turns and their surrounding life pains.

I smile at Right straight in the eye. Well, not literally as I actually never saw Right, but it sure felt like I am staring at Right. There! I see my driveway, which indicates the end of my route.

I say to Right…

“That’s why I run…”


During my long jogging spell that I stopped, but gotta start again...

Be Still

Parking at a park
By the river
By a bridge
Sitting on a bench
Zero minutes...

Bridge with car crossing seldomly
River current is moving calmly
Trees silent
Houses with yard a short distance
Harley panting and cooling off behind me
Slight freshening breeze
Thirty minutes...

Ducks swimming idly under bridge
Starks in the tree minding
Swimming spiders creating ripples
Occasional splashes on surface
River fish grabbing their meals
Sixty minutes...

Life is everywhere
But more life exists when you sit down
And be still!

During a solo Harley rideabout around Lake Michigan

Welcome to See Say!

Jay Krieger welcomes you all to his new blog: See what you say; say what you see.