Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Weak Funding; Lackluster Deaf Education

Jay Krieger points out that advances in Deaf Education continue have been wonderful, but we continue to have lackluster funding from outside sources to bring these advances into our Deaf schools. Jay points out an example showing how VRS providers pour funding into the Deaf community, rather than in Deaf Education.

NOTE: I am aware some of the conferences are sponsored by a few VRS providers, but it is still lackluster.


Anonymous said...
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Karen Mayes said...

Yeah. I read DeafPulse occassionally and read that some state deaf schools got an increase in budgets and I was like, why can't ISD get that? For the DReaders, ISD does get budget annually from the state of Indiana, but the budget has been getting 7% CUT decrease per year :(. The teachers' salaries are paid from the city of Indianapolis, so it is not much affected by the cuts of state budget. I could be wrong though. I am just speaking as a parent of ISD student. The quality of ISD education is still strong, but the cuts... gripes. Luckily, the teachers have big hearts and a lot of dedication and that help.

So there will be legislative training workshops in the upcoming fall for ISD parents. Government WILL listen to PARENTS' voice. We cannot be isolated, within our deaf communities... we need to step out and be more outgoing, be more visible. The success of students depend on the involvment of parents... so we need to bring out parents... get them involved... (PTA, PSA, PTCO, you name it.) Ask for charity donations from the businesses you are currently employed at (my husband already asked his hearing company to consider the charity giving to ISD in the year of 2007... remember, charity giving is tax write offs for businesses and businesses WON'T mind it), etc.

Any experiences with lobbying for betterment of deaf education, increase in budgets, etc., please do share with us.

Jay said...


IPS does NOT pay our teachers. State does. According to our state law, we pay our teachers straight from our State operating funds using the teachers pay scale and raises found in the largest county that our school serves, which is obviously the Marion County (thus Indianapolis Public Schools). One day we will have to follow the pay scale and raises from Hamilton County (where Carmel and Fishers are) as our increasing number of students are from that county.

Karen Mayes said...

Okay... I was given wrong information. Thanks for correcting me. Yeah, the enrollment of ISD is growing fast, above 400 now. And the state still cuts 7%??? Crazy.

Gin said...

I talked a bit about this issue in my guest blog over at DeafDC.com, where I talk about taking advantage of fundraising opportunities through foundations, most of which are set up by various corporations, etc.


I don't know what restrictions Deaf schools have on being able to apply for these grants, but there are many grants out there that schools and teachers can take advantage of to increase their educational programs. You can use sometimes such grants to fund projects such as workshops, conferences, speakers, etc. I've written proposals for such myself. There are also grants that can be used for purchasing needed equipment, getting needed training, etc.

I think a big problem is that many Deaf individuals are not skilled in the area of fundraising - they don't know how to go about researching grants, writing proposals, etc. Admittedly, it is hard work!

I don't mean to sound critical here, Jay...or to seem like I am "blowing off" the issues. I agree that funding is a big problem. But I also think that the Deaf Community needs to learn how to mobilize itself into a force capable of going after these bucks.

Any thoughts?

~ Virginia L. Beach

Jay said...


Oh we do take advantage of grants. I am just drawing our attention to the sponsorship and donations from outside business sources -- that they usually are not directed toward education advancement itself, but rather toward community and social events where their market is really is -- under guise of "donating" when its really "investing" for their increased revenues.

Anonymous said...

Your video on Weak Funding is not working...it just said Loading...nothing came out but other vlog works.

Anonymous said...

Gee!!!!!! Your video blog is not working. I miss it, Drat!

Sandra Goldstein

Jay said...

It still works for me, but to my surprise its showing something new I have not seen before -- a popup bar on bottom of my video with my previous clips in a slideshow format. I wonder if the new feature youtube has is affecting your computer... Try Internet Explorer.

Anonymous said...

I am a Deaf mom of two hearing school aged children. I was a teacher at a distinguished Deaf school for 10 years. I was able to experience my children's school and the Deaf school and how fundings are very successful in my children's school while the Deaf school struggles with the limited state budgets (coming from the taxpayers solely) and lack of grants and fundraising.

The main difference I found was the parents are very involved in my children's school. There are constant fundraising events throughout the whole year. As for this year I probably donated more than $800.00 to attend these awesome events. They have something every two weeks. Immediately in August, they have gift wrapping compaign, September, a walk a thon, October, Fall Festival, November, Ponsetto (christmas plants . I cannot think of the spelling right now), December gift baskets raffle during their holidays luncheon, January, cookie dough sale compaign, February Silent Auction and wine tasting night, March, Spring Festival, April flowers/plants sale, and May Education Gala dinner and dance. This occurs every year without fail. My daughter is in Middle School now.

In addition, the school s teachers are constantly applying for variety grants (they do not have any paid grantwriters on staff either) and are quite successful in obtaining them in large amount of sums between 500 to 500, 000 bucks that is a lot of change there.

Not only that but we are required to pay fees for this and that . Here is the list ..

daily lunch fee @ 1.85 a day tines 180 days (if want hot lunch)

textbook rental fee $120.00 a year

specialized classes (PE, art, music, and computer lab) $35.00

Field trips $25.00 for using the busses then we have to pay for the field trip expenses

teachers gifts shared with room parents

donations to class special parties .. fall festival, holiday luncheon, and valentines

then of course .. our property taxes ..

My children's education is a fine one and yes, we have a price to pay. "You get what you pay for"

While at the State Deaf school, the students may only have to pay for afterschool activities and field trips. Other than that... the taxpayers are paying pretty much for everything else. I would consider being Deaf can be a bargain especially for Deaf parents who have Deaf children. Yet the bargain, is you get what you pay for and that would be struggles to receive quality and effective Deaf Education.

I suppose this is something to ponder about. I wonder what the readers out there are thinking about this?

Please excuse some of my typos and grammar errors, I have a late dinner on the stove while I am typing here.

Anonymous said...

tried on your suggestion on IE it still doesnt work...It showed "loading" with circle goes round and round...nothing comes out of it...no other way to make it works whereas other of your vlogs came out fine except this one. I am anxious to know what you are trying to tell us.