Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Deaf Schools Budgets are just a blip on States' Budgets

Jay Krieger points out that budgets to run Deaf Schools, which may run as much as 25 million dollars a year, are simply a blip on their States' budgets. A simple State-wide cut may appear insignificant from their Governers' perspective but impacts these schools at a greater magnitude.

Understanding this, we need to come up with strategies to prevent States from touching Deaf schools' budgets when cutting needs to occur. Jay will touch some of these strategies, but you are welcome to suggest your ideas.

Weak Funding; Lackluster Deaf Education

Jay Krieger points out that advances in Deaf Education continue have been wonderful, but we continue to have lackluster funding from outside sources to bring these advances into our Deaf schools. Jay points out an example showing how VRS providers pour funding into the Deaf community, rather than in Deaf Education.

NOTE: I am aware some of the conferences are sponsored by a few VRS providers, but it is still lackluster.

Are the Blind Better At Politics?

Jay Krieger points out very briefly an example how the Blind is able to navigate through our government system and politics to get them better benefits.

This is one of several examples Jay hopes to point out in the near future that will lead us into a discussion on the Deaf "voice" (or lack of) within our the government system and politics.