Saturday, December 1, 2007

Curious? Indiana DBC Rally Brief Update

Jay Krieger joined the Indiana Deaf Bilingual Coalition at the Purdue University. Jay shares some of his experiences there. The whole thing has been very positive. Jill & John Lestina will be posting a much more thorough experience for you real soon.


Jill Lestina said...

Thank you Jay with the brief update! We truly appreciate you being there at the rally! The experience was enriching! John and I are very happy that the rally went very well!! Indiana DBC supporters were wonderful and very positive! Thanks to all who attended and to all who thought of us! More vlogs from us coming soon!!
Jill :o) and JohnABC

Marie said...

Great summary! Thanks for being great Deaf role models and showing others that Deaf people ARE successful! Breaking down the walls of stereotyping - Way To Go!


Anonymous said...

Nothing like Midwestern hospitality. :-)

member said...
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member said...

(sorry for the deleted comment above, I used the wrong log-in name).

I am glad to hear that it went well... look forward to Jill and John's updates... thank you for keeping us updated :) I was wondering what happened... :)


deafk said...

Awesome!! Glad things went well generally!! Thanks for doing this for the Deaf babies!

Thanks for the brief!


Barb DiGi said...

Awesome update, Jay! I am grinning all the way that the rally went very well unlike the Jenny approach experience. The DBC participants have been decent people from the start and that is the way how it should have been.

We need to realize that every rally experience varies and that there may be a Jenny in some future rallies unfortunately. It looks like that having a rally held at a college environment makes a difference since the handlers are accustomed to students being outspoken on certain issues.

Kudos to Jill and John for paving the way! I feel so enlightened about Indiana DBC leadership!

Deb Ann said...

Awesome news! So relieved that everything went well. Look forward to seeing more of the news from Jill and John.
Thank you, Jay for the fast, brief update!

High waves for all!

Sonny James said...

Many thanks for the updates. I'm glad everything went well. I liked your key word, 'planting seeds'. Keep it up!

Platonic's Eye said...

Congralation to Ind DBC did great job in very positive and great effort is very impressed!!!

LaRonda said...

That's wonderful! Jill and John are such positive people. They couldn't fail. We all learned much from the AGB Protest. It's nice to see folks putting what they learned to work in a positive way.

Thanks for the update!

Kudos to all who went in support to Purdue!

~ LaRonda

DBC said...


People who participated at VA AG Bell protest were positive as well. They were friendly and professional. It was the situation that made it negative not meaning that they were not positive at the first place.

Ella Mae Lentz said...

Jay, I was thinking about Indiana DBC as I prepared and did my workshop in Seattle, wondering how it went, so I really appreciate this quick update. I look forward to the longer version by the Lestinas. To all of you Indiana folks who took the time to prepare and appear at the rally, a big Thank You for standing up for all Deaf children's right to ASL!

IamMine said...

Hello there!

I'm glad things went smoothly and hats off to Jill & John for their endless efforts and positive energy poured into organizing the rally and it reflected their attitudes big time! :D The atmosphere was also great!

I'm glad everyone had a good time! I hope you did? I mean, the bathroom seemed to be "inconvenient"? ;) Guess you got to be prepared for the worst – if smell comes out, and then spray some air freshener…

Seriously, I’m glad to see how successful and smoothly it went!

Great job, everyone – especially Jill & John!

I am looking forward to their vlogs!

Anonymous said...

Please watch this shocking video on CI Invasion in Wisconsin and Please pass this to ur deaf community

DeafKathy (Wilson) said...

KUDOS to everyone who got involved in IND DBC Rally and to all of the supports who believe in them. Thank you, Jay, for sharing!

Anonymous said...


I am disappointed that I cannot open your VLOG lately. I went to the public library to see if it can open your VLOG. It can open it.
I have to contact the technical specialist to install something software. Can you send me an instruction how to install software in order to open your VLOG.

Sandra Goldstein

Jay said...


My vLog is same as anybody else -- using YouTube. Are you able to see others? Try

I do know almost all videos (google, youtube, etc.) use Flash, so you may need to install Flash Player if you are not able to see any of the videos, mine or others.

Good luck.