Sunday, February 25, 2007

T-Mails key role in the Civil War victory!

Did you know that T-Mails were used long before the Unity for Gallaudet protest? Like how T-Mails played a key role in the UFG's victory, Jay Krieger explains how T-Mails played a key role for President Abraham Lincoln's victory in the Civil War!


Gallaudet Protest Legal Issues said...

I recommend you also read the book "Manhunt" by Swanson about Booth's escape and capture. It's fascinating how the secretary of war bravely took charge within a couple hours after the assassination and used the telegraph system to start a national manhunt for Booth.

Also, "Manhunt" explains that sometimes Lincoln would take a walk in the middle of the night to visit the telegraph office to get updates.

It's fascinating history. I wonder how the students at Gallaudet (Columbia) experienced the drama after the Lincoln assassination. Maybe some of the students wrote in their diaries??


drmzz said...

Very cool. I like this term, "Victorian Internet." Thanks for sharing. BTW, I don't sleep with a pager, but sleep next to a PC. :)

IamMine said...


Victorian Internet - hehe.

Then explain why are we losing in Iraq or Afghanistan?

What a mess...please don't tell me it's NOT for oil!

Otherwise, we'd be in Africa and other countries to help those poor folks out...

Umm...yeah, interesting story! :)

Jay said...


Think of it, maybe its these Iraqi folks are using the technology amongst themselves to be able to survive this long???

Anonymous said...

If you have read the book, kindly inform us if the telegram line went through the Knob Hill at Gallaudet University. I could vaguely remember something about it because there was once a street called Telegram Road on campus there.

trudy said...

methinks your math's a little off. 1861 = 163 years ago? ;-)

Jay said...


I do not have the book. I read a review of the book in the newspapers today. Repeated the facts.


You got me! Sharp eyes, sharp mind, as always. ;-)

Mookie said...

Hello Jay,

I would like to add about telegraph history. Not only Samual F. B. Morse invented the Telegraph, but he invented the Morse Code in order to communicate to his deaf wife. Moreover, Amos Kendall as the previous landowner who donated his the 81-acre property to Gallaudet Community hired Mr. Morse as the business partner.

National Deaf-Mute College only had very limited landline telegraph in small city at limited business period that were not available to the deafies in 1865. But today the whole deafies can contact anybody in anywhere at anytime via the wireless especailly the wireless relay service...



Gallaudet Protest Legal Issues said...

Take a look at the Autobiography of Amos Kendall. Click HERE to download the book.

If I remember correctly, the very first telegraph transmission was done on a wire that went through Kendall Green (the famous first transmission.) I'm not sure how long that wire remained there on Kendall Green.

Judge said...

Made in two minutes! LOL

Thanks for the story! Interesting indeed.


kira said...

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Jay said...

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