Friday, May 4, 2007

Say No to No!

Jay Krieger discusses a philosophy on negativity. We need to say No to No! No to Negativity! Jay discusses that being negative on negativity generates positivity. Jay demonstrates that even mathematics agree to this philosophy.

Jay came up with this philosophy from an advertisement found in the Discover magazine.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Help only when asked to!

Jay Krieger discusses how people tend to help without being asked to. They are NOT helping by helping. People need to respect a person and help ONLY when asked to. Jay presents some real-life examples using his experiences with a deaf-blind friend.

Interpreter + Artistic = Better Interpreters

Jay Krieger discusses how an interpreter needs to step back and be artistic in the area that the client lacks to be a better interpreter. Jay discusses his additional efforts in describing things when interpreting for the deaf-blind. Jay continues with this example on ASL interpreters who may want to be artistic in describing sounds along with their interpreting.