Thursday, February 22, 2007

Old 1863 Silent Film - Maybe First Hearing Test Experiment

Jay Krieger found this very old silent film made in 1863. This film may be among the first hearing test experiments. Yes, the scientist in the film is my ancestor -- strong resemblance!


IamMine said...


Thanks for the much needed laugh!!

:D :D :D

Wow, you sure look a lot like him!!!


Barinthus said...

Interesting twist on an old joke :) Creative!!

SDA said...

PETA is coming for you now... ;-)

Anonymous said...

You have really good sense of humor! LOL

Matt Jamison

Wacky Taz said...

Far out!

Poor frog!

(P.S. where did you find and develop the old film style on the Internet? Mind if you could share that with us, thanks)

Jay said...

Wacky Taz,

I used the free MovieMaker that comes with WindowsXP. There is Old Movie effect in there. For the words, I used Powerpoint and then saved them as JPG slides and imported them into MovieMaker.

Glad you enjoyed it. It was fun.

Anonymous said...


Are you in the Time Machine?

White Ghost

Oscar the Observer said...

SDA, you mean nude ladies from PETA or those crazy men who use them? Just kidding, :).
I liked your sarcastic sense of humor, keep up a good job!!

drmzz said...

Poor frog! I'm pretty sure it said, "Dammit, can you lip-read me? Help!"

IamMine said...

ROTLMAO, Mike!!!!

That's so crocking funny!!!