Friday, December 7, 2007

Would you consider a CI? Cortical Implant

Jay Krieger talks about cortical implant -- artificial vision for the blind. Most of us are content with our identities, not wanting a cochlear implant, but suppose we lost our sight today, would we consider a cortical implant to restore some of our vision back?


Michelle D said...

Wow.. a very good point..
Glad you brought that issue up so it'd make us think...

Deb Ann said...

Big Wowwie! I never thought about it before!
If there is a good chance to have the sight back, I would go for it! Who cares! Who would ever tell me no. Good point, big guy!

Oscar Serna said...

As a lo-vision person, if it is a very strongly guaranteed (notice I didn't say 100%) to work, and it is paid for by the government: why not?

It is vastly different from CI for me because the CI comes with the stigma of having to learn to speak hearie's language. I'm Deaf and I want hearing world to respect ASL and other signed languages as a foundational languages before I'm willing to learn spoken languages if I can using CI.

That's why I'm uncomfortable with implanting babies because of the above-mentioned stigma. But if DBC finally achieve its goal and make it STAY then I would say "why not?" to parents because they will understand and respect Deaf babies' right and need to learn their home country's signed language as a matter of routine.

Personally, I have a weird ability to learn new languages somewhat easily so I will receive CIs for myself since I like many hings about hearing world but only after they respect deaf culture and all things related to it.

Paotie said...

Awesome point!

Thank you for providing a very important question for people to consider. I especially liked the poignant way you framed the question, too.

Thank you.



Anonymous said...

You brought up an interesting argument whether I would have a CI for my blind eyes.
I have a childhood friend who is with Usher's Syndrome. Knowing she would become legally blind one day, she tried many different things to restore her vision. She even went to Russia to get her eyes "fixed" with some yeasts that enhance her peripheral. When she returned, she told me she realized there were so many things that could be seen she got totally confused and insecured. She didn't like it, and she began to suffer rapid visual deterioration. If there exists such CI for the eyes, I would bet she would give it a try. I haven't heard from her for a long while, and I hope by reading this comment, she would reach me somehow.
Anyway, thank you for new ways of thinking.

deafk said...

Hi, Jay,

hmm, umm, thanks for bringing it up. Actually, yes, I will go for Cortical implant deafinitely! :{


John said...

There is different way to thinking about, I been deaf all whole life and already enjoy it or cope with,if I lost my sight right now I would conisder to having implant in my eyes due to haven't experince it enough to learn enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jay,

I always enjoy your vlogs. I have Ushers Syndrome and despite normal distance and clarity in vision I'm legally blind on account of periphery and seeing in the dark.

In response, my feeling is simple as is my opinion.

If I'm faced with a non-invasive opportunity to restore my vision I'll go for it because I'll know what I'm seeing. This is my own circumstance.

That can't be said for Cochlear Implants for those who were deaf all their lives as is the case for me.

I won't know what I'm hearing. Unless, I undergo heavy-duty auditory training. I doubt it'll work.

Therefore, Cochlear Implants and Cortical Implants (some invasive, some not--as there's few variations in retinal implants) are incomparable. Oranges and Apples.

Now, we have implants. Later we have the Stem Cell concept and then later whatever that will phase out Stem Cell concepts.

Good vlog.


Seek Geo said...

Wow.. I am speechless! This is great question, I must say this!

Ok, like you said I've been growing up as Deaf all my life and I am doing fine so I don't see how I should let anything to change me.

But.. if I become blind at later age, you bet I'd definitely consider Cortical Implant since I can't imagine being Deaf and then not able to see. I love sports and I must watch 'em all the time on TV or going to sports event so seriously, I like to be able to see.

Good question about these blind people who becomes Deaf at later age, would they want Cochlear Implant?

Hmm.. again, this is definitely good question.


BJo said...

I often discussed about that one. What if I had a blind baby and I would do something about baby's vision since I am deaf. I "can't blame" hearing parents for wanting their child as hearing like them.
B Jo

Anonymous said...

Great vlog, Jay! Now, I wonder if this gives us a whole new and respected outlook to those really late-deafened(say, after 20 yrs old) individuals who really want/have a deep need for a cochlear implant?

Jean Boutcher said...

I am an artist, so I would go for CI, unarguably, unquestionably!

am said...


I have thought about that too.

Im told that someone asked Helen Keller which she would prefer to hear or see. She chose hearing. interesting...

Can't imagine to choose hearing over seeing.

Interesting topic... am

LaRonda said...


These kinds of questions are what makes your vlog so unique and one of my absolute favorites.

Simply profound.

~ LaRonda

Sissy Cherry said...

I would consider eating a mule's ass if it coured my blindness, yes! But knowing my superiority, I wouldnt eat a mule's ass for hearing. HA!

Anonymous said...

Interesting Vlog!!

Many parents pay for CI ( Cochlear implant) ( around 8 thousand dollars). Deaf adults pay for Cochlear Implants too. In other words some insurance companies won't cover for CI.

Some deaf people who become blind are not affordable to pay Coptical Implants??? Would insurance cover them?? Can we pretend that accidents cause blindness.

Deaf people are fearful to become blind because they are visual people. Same principle for blind people are fearful to become deaf because they are auditorical people.

Some deaf people were rejected to have Cochlear implant. Same with Coptical other words they are not suitable for everyone.

Jay, keep up the good work!!!!

Sandra Goldstein