Sunday, March 11, 2007

Where does the Deaf fit in our Universe?

Jay Krieger goes philosophical by discussing where he thinks the Deaf fits in our vast Universe.


Susan said...

thanks for sharing, Jay, that was very interesting. I loved looking at the distances from universe to cells... I saw that somewhere some years ago, and tried to find it again! It's amazing.

Good analogy you made there of Deaf.

Just one thing I want to comment, perhaps things are not really significant when looking at the "whole picture" but at the end of our lives, when we face our Creator, everything we say and do on earth will be reckoned by Him. That comes from my belief that He exists and that everything comes from Him. Just my view...

It was a really good post, I enjoyed watching it. :)

Amy said...


This makes me feel that my own existence on earth is really insignificant...compared to the vast space in universe and within...

I'm insignificant...


Amy Cohen Efron

Anonymous said...

Hm? I thought you liked VideoEgg better than YouTube.

Anonymous said...

I have a big question

Were you smoking? or Drinking?

Too much fantasy from 10 million light years away.


Few of us were talking about our skin cell making an universe during our hallucination times! Heh!

Jay said...

If you want to find the web site again it is at Serect Worlds: The Universe Within

Anonymous: 7:43,

Chuckling. You mean where VideoEgg fits in this vast universe? I would say its a light year away from YouTube, grin. Reason I did this one using YouTube was that I was 61 seconds over their limit of 5 minutes. Shoot!

Toby Welch said...

Interesting. I thank God for me being a Deaf person. I also thank God for you and Deaf people are Deaf. What you explained in your vlog caused me how awesome God is. He created everything beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us!

So, how many light years from your home to my place? Haha! Just kidding.

W.F.T. said...

Then again, one could make the point that if the universe is significant, then so is humanity, ya dig? There is the idea that absolutely everything is interconnected.

Dragon 21 said...

OOOHHH! I'm so tripping!
Just kidding... really after watching the vlog, the realization of how the significance of a single proton becomes the vast universe. It really does make me humanity humble. I think it makes me appreciate for what I have.
Nice job, Jay!

IamMine said...

That was a refreshing point of view - it certainly pulled me out of my little bubble world with my limited perspective and emotions.

Amazing how it shifted so quick after watching that vlog.'s a song. You know which band that is by now, right? *chuckles*

Big Wave
used to be a crustacean
In an underwater nation
and I surf in celebration
Of a billion adaptations

Got me a big wave, ride me a big wave, got me a big wave.
Got me a big wave, ride me a big wave, got me a big wave.

I feel the need
Planted in me
Millions of years ago
Can't you see
The oceans size?
Defining time
And tide
Arms laid upon me
Being so kind
To let me ride

I scream in affirmation
Of connecting dislocations
And exceeding limitations
Be achieving levitation

Got me a big wave, ride me a big wave, got me a big wave.
Got me a big wave, ride me a big wave, got me a big wave.

Got me a ride.
I got me a ride.


BobRRR said...

Exactly! I have been wondering that so many times. I am glad you brought it up. Not only that way, let's say you stop at that measurement and there is plenty to look around. Then you move closer to earth and yet, there is still plenty to look around. I mean tons! At DNA point again, there is plenty to analyze the patterns! Like your family tree DNA, why you have blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, deaf, white, etc... Your kids carry your genes, etc... Not only this viewpoint in distance. Look at a time perspective and how earth was made. Huge mountains became smaller mountains (like Appliachian mountian in East coast used to look like Rocky Mountain which is newer) in millions of years, compared to your life span. Have you been to a cavern? It is amazing how rock formed in millions years. If you touch cavern formation, a light finger tap would destroy 300 years surface! Everything seems a dust in vast proportion. Even, milky way may be a dust itself! Well, it is still wonderful and amazing to live as a dust. Why not! Bob RRR

LaRonda said...

Very unique perspective, Jay. Loved it!

The bottom line: We are all a part of a greater universe. No one person, place, or cell is less significant or important than another.

~ LaRonda

Anonymous said...

You are so good job and so neat ! I love to watch you on vlog. Keep up !

Anonymous said...

This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.
-T.S. Eliot

Sabine said...

ARGH! You used "the deaf."

Todd said...

This reminded me of a heated discussion in 'saving the human race' when Dr. Manhattan debated Laurie on the planet Mars in the Watchmen universe. Dr. Manhattan felt that the whole human race was too insignificant, not worth saving one iota, and yet, arrives at a epiphany.

Read #17 on this webpage, to get the general gist on the dialogue Dr. Manhattan had. Yes, it was a graphics novel, but Time Magazine (Ok, I quoted Wikipedia!) listed Watchmen as one of the top 100-English language novels since 1923, so it must be pretty good! :)

Anonymous said...

W O W!
Hi Jay! Didn't realize you had it in you, all the same kudos!
Have you made use of your "third eye", afterall, since you have the ability to use the astronomy terms of light years in describing God's vastness down to the itty bitty dots as good an analogy even though you ask the question where does the deaf fit in our universe?
I'd like to add; being deaf is a way for many of us to open to the truth within us rather than use our hearing to the point of distraction; deaf people have the opportunity to "listen within, that inner truth, the inner voice, your intuition...that soothing voice so truthful and calm--did anybody ever realize you are in touch with the Divine?" Meditation gets you to that very spot where you can see within your mind's eye.
This is a marvelous way to expand one's mind as much as sharing the knowledge to the point of reaching within many to help them grasp the inner truth within thusly what is knowledge becomes understanding knowledge" therefore cementing intellect with emotion for balance where peace is within and outward.

todos la vie said...

This is exactly what I tell my kids. Your problems are measly compared to everything else going on in this world. But you had a more visual way of saying it. You make a good teacher, don't you?

Deaf Niches said...

Yes, you got it... I mentioned about it in one of your blogs, and I could not remember the name...

Yes, our struggles, etc... mean nothing. But we have our identities, opinions, etc, sstrongly influenced by the environment (and genetics.)

That is why I posted one blog, trying to challenge us to think about future of our earth... but I guess the readers are more interested in advocating ASL, whatever.

Keep up your philosophical ramblings and your neutral stance... that is a sign of a brilliant, WISE man who is unruffled by the ups and downs in the deaf community :)

Anonymous said...

I have never understand about the lightyears.

It is surely fantastic.

Applaud to the scientists.

Jessica said...

Fascinating! Reminds me of a library book my son checked out about the galaxy and the stars. It showed similar to the film but not as detailed as the film. We looked at a picture of our galaxy and looking at where Earth was. And to think that was the only place people lived on that one planet out of all the others. Amazing! Had pictures of other galaxies. No limits out there.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for using YouTube!! I've been very frustrated with VideoEgg because I can't pause it, I can't rewind, etc, etc. So nice to be able to watch one of your videos easily! Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jay I am sure you are aware about nanotechnology coming soon about 15 to 20 years. I believe many deafies don't have fimilar with this so I wonder you can explain them about it since it will impact our future human medicine to delete diseases or problem genes in the DNA... Also Nanotechnology will make Cochlear Impairment best qualify and can make it invisible in the ear...
You might noticed that our computer has Duo chip now but next year Quad chip will come so next will be nano soon?

Deaf Niches said...

Yeah, I have heard about natotechnology... from watching Star Trek shows!!! (Voyager) One eposide showed one alien species used natotechnology to bring back the deceased officer (chef) back to life and it was interesting.

Nato will be another controversial issue for us... now it is CI and the "not deaf enough" which are controversial for us.