Wednesday, January 31, 2007

ASL-Message Disassociation Exercise

Jay Krieger thinks up of a crazy but simple (maybe not) exercise for you to try to disassociate messages formulated in your mind and the ASL language. Perhaps this can help you see how your messages are at their purest form in your mind before they get corrupted by use of language as they are conveyed away from the mind.

It is suggested that you view my previous vlog
Delivery of ASL Messages before viewing this vlog.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Delivery of ASL Messages

Jay Krieger discusses the issues in the delivery of messages. Messages are in their purest forms in the mind, but gets garbled as soon as it leaves the mind through language.

VLog 101: Brief Introduction

A brief introduction to vlogging. This supplements the information offered by other vloggers. Hopefully this reaches out to those of you who have the desire to express but may be uncertain about the technology involved...

Sunday, January 28, 2007


There I stand on the driveway. Stretching my legs while leaning against the car trunk. I thought, what a great day for a run. November. Trees snowing bright yellow leaves. Crisp air sucked in deeply. Yeah, I think I will run my usual route around the neighborhood and push myself to complete nearly 4 miles.

Resetting my pedometer to zero, tightening my hat and gloves, I started to run. My breathing feels fresh. I feel my muscles waking up and getting warm.

As I approach my first right turn, I thought, here I go again, running. But I wanted to run. I know it always felt good afterwards. But don’t I feel slight cramp creeping up my calf? Hey, I have run this route entirely often so I know I can do it.

Ah, the long straightway. Time to feel free. All parts of my body are pumping rhythmically. My mind starts to wander, watching thoughts racing by like falling stars. I surf my thoughts as if I thumb on my TV remote. Looking for something interesting.

My left toes interrupted. I feel the edges of my socks. I cannot run with that bothering me. But do I want to stop and disturb my peace? My toes reported they will no longer protest and wishes me be on my way.

There I make my right turn. That part of the road may not give me harmony, but it will continue my peace. I breathe harder. I feel great. Perfect blue skies above. I feel little kink on my side as I have to keep an eye on rushing cars. I needed to cross the road, and leave my worries behind.

I am in another world. This part of road snakes through pristine neighborhood. Everything is in perfection. Manicured grass. Well behaved dogs. Expensive multiple cars on each driveway.

Thoughts came. Some stayed. Some went. I realize somebody has been throwing my thoughts at me. Actually I feel them coming from two separate objects. My mind’s eye looks to the left, and sees Goodness. Happiness. Harmony. Courage. Confidence. The eye turned to the right and sees Sadness. Despair. Fear. Doubt. Chaos.

I call the left Left. I call the right Right.

Left says “Ain’t life grand? The run is doing me great!” Right says “Isn’t your calf cramping, or aren’t you losing your toes?” Hey, this is going to be fun. I continue my pace through this road until I reach a spiritual corner. There. A church. I detour through its parking lot thinking about the church’s people who come to this place, their sacred place, probably once a week. Probably came to try find their peace. But hey, I am having my own peace right here out in Nature (okay, here in the parking lot!). I smile. Peace is everywhere in front of you. You choose to see it or not.

I leave the parking lot and turned right again. I realize that my Left and Right are still talking whatever nonsense “behind me”. Hey, I realize I am actually not sure where they are, but I feel their presence close to my shoulders behind me, but never in my vision. I do not feel their weight. I do not know if they are sitting on me, following me, or inside me.

Left says “Feel the pain. Stretch your lungs. Feel the muscle work. Feel yourself grow strong”. Right says “Hey isn’t this cold? Am I hurting my lungs? Maybe I should stop and walk a bit. Nobody will care if you did not finish this route. Actually, nobody has to know”

I do not care. I bend my head a bit forward to get out of the way between Left and Right. I leave them close behind me bickering with each other. I think I will run faster at my last quarter mile.

Left says “Right on man! I will feel accomplishment. I will be proud of myself”. Right says “What the heck! Why run more? Am I trying to prove something to somebody?”

I feel grand. I am in total control of my body. I do a full systems check. Toes: check. Calves: check. Thighs: check. Groin: oh, that’s a big check. Chest: go for it! Arms: no sweat! Neck: green light! Mind: all engines forward, course straight ahead!

I feel Left. I become Left. Left becomes myself. I feel Goodness. Happiness. Harmony. Courage. Confidence. Peace! I no longer see my road. My mind and my body are in ultimate harmony. My mind trusts my body. My mind roams free, far away from seeing the remaining turns and their surrounding life pains.

I smile at Right straight in the eye. Well, not literally as I actually never saw Right, but it sure felt like I am staring at Right. There! I see my driveway, which indicates the end of my route.

I say to Right…

“That’s why I run…”


During my long jogging spell that I stopped, but gotta start again...

Be Still

Parking at a park
By the river
By a bridge
Sitting on a bench
Zero minutes...

Bridge with car crossing seldomly
River current is moving calmly
Trees silent
Houses with yard a short distance
Harley panting and cooling off behind me
Slight freshening breeze
Thirty minutes...

Ducks swimming idly under bridge
Starks in the tree minding
Swimming spiders creating ripples
Occasional splashes on surface
River fish grabbing their meals
Sixty minutes...

Life is everywhere
But more life exists when you sit down
And be still!

During a solo Harley rideabout around Lake Michigan

Welcome to See Say!

Jay Krieger welcomes you all to his new blog: See what you say; say what you see.