Friday, May 4, 2007

Say No to No!

Jay Krieger discusses a philosophy on negativity. We need to say No to No! No to Negativity! Jay discusses that being negative on negativity generates positivity. Jay demonstrates that even mathematics agree to this philosophy.

Jay came up with this philosophy from an advertisement found in the Discover magazine.


Oscar the Observer said...

Actually, it is multiplication.

But yes I like your idea :). Intriguing.

IamMine said... are making me work hard in Statistics, aren't you, Jay?

Well, based on the data collected and after calculating the formulas, I have sufficient evidence that fails to reject your null hypothesis. :D

Congratulations, Eagle Jay!

Fllyyyyyy high!!!

As for closing... simple handwaving?

C said...

waving hands? lol

drmzz said...

Umm, negative plus negative actually equals negative. Negative *times* negative equals positive. ;)

David said...

Hi Jay

HEre is my response below



di from illinois said...

before closing, just say ~see ya~...

mule4350 said...

Well You say no like never It mean never may cause positive anyway If negative in DEAF gossip. Anytime it masy have negative/positive in the DEAF WORLD!

Judge said...

You said in math "- + - = +".

I beg to differ.

Let's put this scenario..

-7 + -4 = what?

It will be -11 and still negative!

If you are talking about "- * - = +" That is correct!

-7 * -4 = +28

In sense, you are right anyways! :)

todos la vie said...

how about this...I won't not do a vlog if I will not ever be allowed to not touch sand in Waikiki with my true thumbs up vLogger dudes and dudettes hailing not from the cave of the ASL dragon but from Australia, the Handiologist state, and definitely not where blue eyes lie, and on we go not to stay home. No means No!

jwomick said...

i know some commenters said it's suppose be "- X - = +" :D

anyway i glad u open discuss about interesting idea symbol of negative and positive. sometime they keep NEGATIVE if people try be positive to them but HARD but have to show by ANGRY AND SHOW THEM WAKE UP IN POSITIVE AS BEING NEGATIVE VOICE! yes that's make sense same thing in relationship person keep thinking negative and other person keep positive IT'S NTO IMPOSSIBLE WORK OUT AT ALL! but must be negative and negative wiLL WORK! or POSITIVE AND POSITIVE IT'S WILL WORK TOO! i have experience my relationship. anyway.

u said that MANY PEOPLE always said negative thing as " impossible, can't do that!, stuff like that" but i was SHOCKED! my old teacher told me as students told them ugh i can't do that, it's too hard, and blah blah blah u know how students are...... SOMEHOW she stand up and asked them question SIMPLE! " HEY, I HAVE QUESTION........... WHY MANY DEAF PEOPLE ALWAYS SAID " I CAN DO IT!" NOW WHY ALL OF U ARE COMPLAIN??" know what? they just quiet and just do it. i shocked she have point about it. CAN U IMAGINE MY TEACHER IS HEARING she support deaf people and want them get meet their goals' needs.

oh u need help for close sign???? ummmmmm how about both one sign for man and other one sign for woman? but my way said |,,| as punkrock! ;-) lol.... of course i am gothic/punk :D WHY NOT u use HD's way sign? i know u are HD.

Joshua "Vampbat" Womick

Karen Mayes said...

Ahhhh... that is good one. I chuckled at your closing, from Ocean's blog ;-p. Handswaving would do.

No to negative, take risks, be OPEN-MINDED, say yes to positive, etc. I noticed it is not easy, even for hearing people. Media thrives on negative, people thrives on bad memories, etc. Hey, your Tao vlog says we need opposites, so we need both postives and negatives to help keep both + and - in balance. C'est life!

Gary Brooks said...

It's true! anything with negative won't achieve us! with positive, bring us to a whole new road! for closing why not create your own signing like "motorcycle" with your smiling?

Gary Brooks ;)

Jay said...

To all true mathematicans:

I stand corrected! Can't believe I missed the addition and multiplication. Jeez.


Susan said...

When negativity happens what I try to do is to answer it with truth and mercy.

(I hope it's okay to put my 2 cents in here, even if it may be off track and not follow your train of thought :)

OCDAC said...

The way I say NO to negativity is to encourage the gallynet list subscribers join my new gallynet list at yahoogroups. the new host of gallynet ( promotes negativity and scourge based on recent messages carried on the list.

This a healthy way to say "NO" to negativity.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jay,
I am not sure I am following what you rambled "no to no." Yes I do understand the mathematics part (by the way, I believe it is multiplication), but how does it apply to real life? Would you please if you didn't mind give a couple of examples to give a better understanding of how it is applied to real life? You gave examples in other vlogs, but not this one. Thank you. Joanne

Jessica said...

Fun way to put a mathematic concept into a life situation.

Wanted to add a thought, if a larger neg number is added by a smaller positive number then the answer is negative, but if a larger positive number is added by a smaller negative number, then it becomes positive.

Kind of like the more negative, it pulls down the positive and the less negative, the less it pulls down.

Also just read a Family Circus cartoon today. Billy tried to eat ketchup and ice cream together. He said that they taste better separately. Two positive things you like not always taste good together. Sometimes two things not taste good by themselves but put together, yummy. Like cookie, flour by itself or vanilla by itself or some other ingredien but put together, it become something good.

How about that, eh? Smile.

Anonymous said...


good point. flour and vanilla by themselves are yucky, but together with other ingredients will make wonderful cookies.


you seem to contradict yourself. you discussed ying yang in your other vlog. you cant say no to negative without saying no to positive. you cant separate negative from positive. we can make wonderful things from negative things. people need to quit obsessing about avoiding negative things. zen often says to embrace pain, negative things, and many others. no need to struggle. the more you struggle, the more pain you experience.


LaRonda said...

Ha. You kind of made a yin-yang closing. Cool.

~ laRonda

DeafKathy said...

Your engineering logical does make sense even if you made a small mistake with additionals vs multiplies using minus/negatives and we all understood what you were trying to explain. Very good one! Keep saying No to No's!

DeafKathy said...

Here's the good example:
Someone criticized your error (negative) + you admit you made mistake (negative) = teamwork (positive), right?

Jessica said...


Nope, the answer would be negative.

- + - = -

So to admit one's mistake is positive because it is a good thing, right? So it would have to be a larger positive number than the negative number to make it positive.

As for multplication, that is a whole different ball game.

Again, fun doing math into real life, eh?

Anyway, the whole point is it is good to believe in yourself that you can do it as long as you put your mind to it.

DeafKathy said...

You are right about this "-a + -b = -c" is what it should be in the real math world.

Lets put the real math formula aside and look at this...
If someone caught you making mistake and it is like oops (negative). If you caught your own mistake and fix it before someone catch it, thats good thing (positive).
It is how I understood the concept Jay was discussing.

This is how I see it:
-1 x -1 = 1; (no x no = yes) or
-1 + -1 = -2; (no + no = 2(no) = yes).

I kiss-fist when we challenge this type of topic and learn something good from others, keep up with it!

Jay (and for those great vloggers too), keep throwing in those great ideas/thoughts, the more you do, you are saving people from getting Alzheimer's disease. You got us to use brain to work and think harder and challenge it.

Anonymous said...

I love it. Negativity does take away the peace. We all want peace. i love your "say no to no". Keep up the great positive outlook toward life.



zengreengoddess said...


How about closing with "Namaste" with the hands coupling flat in the air and saying "Namaste" the Spirit within you honors the Spirit in simple....

Anonymous said...

Umm.. just pop up my mind think of with negative... suppose someone wants to shoot me is negative and I say no no is positive ... so what's become... (negative or positive)!

Jay. I enjoy your Vlog, I'm sitting here to read your presentation to educate me. Keep up with nice smile. Wink!