Thursday, February 8, 2007

Personal DeafRead: Using RSS Readers

Jay Krieger discusses how you could be your own editor by creating your own "Personal DeafRead" aggregator through use of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and Atom Readers widely available off the Internet. You can then pick up unfiltered posts from any other blogs or sites (deaf-related or not) that interest you.


Tayler said...

Good vlog :) I use as my RSS reader

Anonymous said...

I've written about using Firefox Extension called "Sage" in my weblog a long while back. It deserves to be on the top 5 RSS readers.

grantlairdjr said...

IE7 & Firefox with built-in RSS Reader is something new. We didn't have that back then.

Hope more people will watch your vlog and start use it with one of the RSS Reader.

I primarily use because its easier for me to use on multiple PC's.

Also, I did mentioned about it while ago at my blog. You might want to take a look at it.

Jay said...


Just checked your link you supplied, and whoa, you sure did your homework on RSS stuff. Good stuff -- others, go check it out too.


Jay said...

Jared Evans got a good post discussing RSS. Jeez, my stuff is "old stuff" already, as these gentlemen already got to them long before I did, grin.

Look at Jared's at

Jon said...

Hello Jay,

Good vlog!

Almost same concept as mine:

TS said...

Nice vlog! I hope someone will do what Deafread people has been doing, but BETTER...without hearing blogs. They have decided to omit the hearing check box which is very sad. Thanks for explaining about RSS. Now instead of going to Deafread, I can make my own list without hearing blogs interferring my list. Thanks!!!

David said... is the most popular RSS feed reader or news aggregator.

You can see compare list of feed readers

LS said...

I like the way you presented in vlog...soft..simple..less fright.. I really appreciated your information about RSS. Thank you.

Jared Evans said...

I always encourage people to directly subscribe to their favorite blogs so that they will never miss anything that author says.

DeafRead only approves a subset of blog entries that we feel will be most applicable to many people who don't have the time to search and filter out the best blog entries.

Again, if you have a blog where you want to be sure to catch all of their entries, please use a RSS reader.

W.F.T. said...

Deafread is starting to get a bit out of hand for me, especially when I can't keep up with it everyday. I am starting to subscribe to specific sites and wanted to add yours to my RSS feed; however, I notice that you do not have that RSS symbol anywhere on your blog!

Am I missing something? :)

Your hopefully future subscriber,

Jay said...


Done, RSS icon and links to RSS or Atom feeds have been added. Thanks for the suggestion!


Hetty said...


Hope it'll go through this time..noticed my post on your comment section very briefly. It disappeared so I don't know if you were able to read my were presentable and non-intimidating. Thanks as I'm a semi-illiterate technology user.

Anonymous said...

Finally my light bulb came on above my head! Now I understand how RSS works! Thanks for wonderful explanation! Now I'm working on getting video on my site - still struggling! I'll do RSS later! I need to familiarize myself with blog/vlog website more!
Thanks again for explaining! :)