Sunday, February 25, 2007

Gally Education Gone to the Dogs?

Jay Krieger made an interesting observation when using several Internet search engines, and noticed what sites show up on the first page.

(chuckling... yeah I know this vLog is 3:35 minutes, grin.)

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Barb DiGi said...

Good work deaf sleuth!

Isn't it ironic about Gallaudet not being listed as the top five in deaf search category? You know, when I spoke with someone from Gallaudet about promoting the idea on establishing deaf educational related issues on a blog center page where they can adopt the role as a sponsor, the response I got from them was clueless. They admitted that they are not heavily involved in promoting information sharing on deaf educational issues via the web. According to this source, most of the professors are not web savvy especially in the area of blog concept. So my question is: Is Gallaudet out of touch with the net-net world? Bob's vlogs just started and perhaps they are slowly picking it up.

Also needs to be placed in this category on the front page! This gotta be fixed big time!

Jay said...

Barb digi,

I doubt people "request" their sites to be "placed" on the search hit pages (unless they pay to be on the "sponsored" sections).

I suspect it works this way: if people find, say, by doing a search for it on one of those search engines, these search engines count these as hits, and if hits to that site are significant, the site would probably propoganate upward toward the first page.

I am sure the answer to the search engine mechanism is probably somewhere out there on the net... yeah, I guess I should one of these search engines and find that information, grin.

W.F.T. said...

For Google, sites are ranked by the number of links pointing to them. If more sites link to than to AGB's website, then will rank higher than AGB's site on Google's search results page. At least, that was my understanding. So Google is kind of a popularity contest.

I am not sure how other search sites determine the ranking of results for search terms.

barinthus said...

barinthus said...

Oops, sorry I accidently submitted the last comment. Just thought you would find the link interesting.

Anonymous said...

Gallaudet University has gone to a new agenda, building a new order for SLCC. It's either a wild guess or an educated observation.

mishkazena said...

That's really too bad as this seem to indicate that Gallaudet isn't as popular as it used to be.

Anty said...

PPC - Pay Per Click
I think they paid for it depend on how much they want... if Gally paid $0.10 compare with paid $4.00 so that s how they got first list and Gally need increase money for PPC 2 bucks or more and might be on list. Maybe Gally dont ppc who knows!

John F. Egbert said...

To get high ranking in search engine is from site links and keywords used in the page.

Anonymous said...


Rest assured, after typing in
"deaf college" at, the first page that pops up is "Gallaudet University."
VoilĂ . :-)

Jean Boutcher

Gallaudet Protest Legal Issues said... is also very interesting.

Click HERE to see the results of entering "Gallaudet" on the Googlism site.

Jay said...


Yeah you are right -- google 1st, yahoo 7th, and none at live search.

Yeah, we will always find Gally in our searches one way or another.

Just thought it was interesting for us to look at when we used the word Deaf which is pretty much paramount for everything related to us.

grantlairdjr said...

I am not surprised. There's several ways to improve search engine for your website.

1. Hire search engine specialist to improve your website key words finding. Could be expensive.

2. Submit URL address (usually free) at each search engine website. Not just top 3 search engines -- submit at all other non-popular search engine website, too.

3. Make sure your website is search engine friendly -- alot of words where it will be easier for search engine to crawl your website. Also, add meta words and keywords inside your website. It is plus.

4. The more people add your website on their list like directory, exchange link, etc, it's going be helpful.

5. Keep website updated regularly for best results. Do not abuse it like multiple repeats words on your website otherwise they will ignore it.

You get the ideas. Note: I am no expert but I've been around Internet long time.

Grant W Laird Jr.