Wednesday, January 31, 2007

ASL-Message Disassociation Exercise

Jay Krieger thinks up of a crazy but simple (maybe not) exercise for you to try to disassociate messages formulated in your mind and the ASL language. Perhaps this can help you see how your messages are at their purest form in your mind before they get corrupted by use of language as they are conveyed away from the mind.

It is suggested that you view my previous vlog
Delivery of ASL Messages before viewing this vlog.


todos la vie said...

ah, gee
I don't know if that would work for me. To think about the exercise wouldn't allow the stream of unconsciousness to come that ultimately would allow the disassociation you're talking about. To think would just defeat the flow of unconsciousness. How about ASL poetry or storytelling? One may have to feel comfortable with the other person to allow herself to be free.

Jay said...

Well, I am no scientist, but I wonder whether we think using a language, or is it just a thought that language attempts to describe.

For example, for those folks with several languages, like Dr Davila and Carl Schroeder, think in Spanish or in Dutch, or in ASL, or in English.

As soon as you apply language to describe a thought, I see that as pollution of some form.

But then, its just a ramble from me, I do not know where I am going with that -- just an observation I had... Grin!

Anonymous said...

fyi i dont think you spelled 'cat' right all the time you said it -- one of the 'cat' you spelled like clt something :)

love you!