Sunday, February 4, 2007


Somewhere in Michigan…

An old June 25, 1990 Indianapolis Star Section C page floated on a light breeze somewhere in the upper Michigan peninsula.

It landed at an intersection when the breeze dies out. A lady in an old Chevrolet zoomed by, drawing the Section C into its vacuum. Section C wrapped itself on the leaf spring underneath the vehicle by the force of the wind.

In a while, the Chevy lady pulled up by a local diner. Section C, without the wind to help keep it in place under the car, floated down and away toward the middle of the parking lot.

A trucker walked up, all full and wide-awake from his hearty breakfast at the diner, toward his truck, and fired the diesel up. As the truck turned into the highway, Section C got windswept into the cavity between the truck and its trailer.

Somewhere in Indiana…

The trucker pulled into a rest area to relieve himself of all the coffee he drank the last eight hours. Section C freed itself and floated away onto the ground.

The gas attendant, collecting trash around the gas station, picked up Section C and placed it along with another discarded paper items into a paper-recycling bin by the curb.

An upcoming storm was blowing strong winds, and some of its currents blew all papers and Section C out of the recycling bin, pushing them southward.

Finally Section C swirled out and slid onto the open road. It then got caught in a tailwind of a blue Harley and slid further a quarter of mile before it got stuck into a cow fence by the road side.

“C!”, “C!” screams a June 25 1990 Indianapolis Star Section A front page wrapped around the same cow fence post. “Oh my poor baby C, where have you been?!?” “I have been waiting for you for the last three years since you left me.” “Oh C, nevermind, I am so happy you are home with me now!”

“Yes ma!” “I know!” “I have missed ya, ma, too!” said Section C

Morale: Anything, small or big, that moves in front of you may have its own journey!

Written while on Harley solo rideabout

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