Monday, October 15, 2007

Sh*t Happens

Jay Krieger presents a few amusing stories on how life can be imperfect. How things can happen to us, when we least expect them. Enjoy!


John Lestina --- said...

LOL Good one! Yeah still sh*t happen!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow. I think it's more than sh*t happens. Don't you believe karma? That lightening guy, he ended up dead by a gun and woman. I wouldn't want to say "sh*t happens" to him, he def got a bad karma.

Deb Ann said...

I like the part (burnt eye brows) the most! *grins*

DeafKathy (Wilson) said...

So true! Statistics is sometimes imperfection.

There are more #'s of people 'gambling' on Powerball comparing to the #'s of moving asteroids. Do we have better brain of strategic with winning more often? ;)

Anonymous said...

You know what? The odds : 1 out of 23 trillions, you came online. HEE HEE HEE good vlog anyway

~fact enthusiast

Judge said...

Let's look another way,

No shit! :)

JFLMad said...

True but we look at the odds wrong way?

Ever see the movie called Dumb and Dumber? Jim Carrey asked a woman that he liked, (Lauren Holly), what the odds for him to date her. She said 1 in a million. Jim was so excited cuz he is one of a million odds to claim it. Good point eh?

IamMine said...

lol, judge :D

Well, thanks a lot, Jay - now I feel just great for spending money on lottery. *sigh*

*dreams of traveling the world thwarted*

aw, chet!

LaRonda said...

Nice to see you again Jay.

Just wanted to toss my story in here. I was the 1 in 100,000 women to get Toxic Shock Syndrome, which resulted in my becoming Deaf. (But there was a sliver lining. Being Deaf is okay. Being alive is grand.)

Also, my husband's great, great uncle was struck dead by a lightening bolt that hit his belt buckle as he was standing outside on his porch during a lightening storm.

My great, great grandmother died while making soap in a kettle that caught on fire and lit her apron that was covered with the fats she used in the ingredients.

Don't know what the odds are for that, but it's a good story to tell, just like all the others. ;)

~ LaRonda

ASL Risen said...

WOW!!! Holy sheet!!!!

Stephen J. Hardy said...

Sh*t does happen even to good people. What are the statistics when someone goes to a toliet and found there is no toilet paper anywhere.

Also, when Deaf people gets pissed off when a hearing person mouthing off and at the same time staring at him? He found out that later the guy was not trying to talk to him instead he was chewing a huge piece of gum.

Lastly, A Deaf man driving a car and people stared at him with evil looks and you wondered what the heck is going on. Car next to you and that person gives you an ugly snobbish stare. When you get home, the hearing neighbor comes to you and lets you know your car alarm is going nuts.

Sh*t does happen to Deaf people too.