Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Great Gladiators of vBlogSphere

Jay Krieger introduces the Great Gladiators of vBlogSphere. Jay apologies he is not able to include all great vBloggers..


Jana Bielfeldt said...

Far OUt! I love it! How did you do that? You need to provide workshop on how to attract views through vlogs!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blogs; so creative and original.. thanks for the entertainment.. by the way; you should think about teaching a class on how to develop a blog and vlog

Wacky Taz said...

Jay, you know what? I have been viewing your vlogs for maybe a month and half and it become apparent that you do have talents and have a niche needing to be filled in. Perhaps you could provide a workshop or presentation on how to develop a b/vlog and stay atop of the creativity to retain viewers for weeks. You could want to attend the next b/vlog conference hosted by Gally or any other educational institution or general organization for extra income for your family. Just a suggestion!
We look forward to be awed by your future vlogs. Keep vlogging!

Ben Vess said...

Hilarious! I love it!!!


Der Sankt

IamMine said...

Wow... that's awesome!!

I love it! :)

Though I don't think I should have been up there! I'm neither a vlogger or blogger, but a commenter! :D

Ridor... hahaha. I wonder if he will finally come here - but wanna see him in the group hug thread! :D

Keep 'em coming, Jay!

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully delivered! Love it all! Many thanks for compliments, too, LOL!

Delanne said... it!! You should add me standing next to deafeye gladiator!! i'm his wife and his sidekick!! haha just kidding...but great job!!

Deafeye said...

Couldn't help it, I am chuckling...appears that u assigned a BIG gladiator on me. Didn't u know I am merely 5'11". Am curious what is your reason? I love it by the way.

Amy said...

Thank you Jay for the most flattering compliment. Never I ever thought of myself as a Gladiator! What are my tools? WINK!

Creating vlogs are FUN - and easy than you think. I enjoy creating videoclips and I can understand why Jay is hooked because he is enjoying it too!

Many video editing softwares have their awesome special effect features that you can play with. Jay is doing the right thing by experimenting with features and sharing with others.

Nice job Jay!

Me a Gladiator? Oy vey! Me?

Amy Cohen Efron

Anonymous said...

Totally Cool. Smiles!!!


Anonymous said...


I did really enjoy and do still enjoy to watch your "show"...creative..."cartoon"..."expression of thoughts"..."comedy" and even more.

I did not know that you have that til one of my friends who lives other state...emailed me then I looked and immediately addict to "see what you say; say what you see" then I decided to subscribe yours. Keep thing be interesting.

thank you, Jay


Aidan Mack said...

I really like your creative.. Your so simple and sweet!



Ridor said...

Moi shorty? That's it. I'm gonna nail you, Jay. ;-)