Thursday, December 27, 2007


Jay Krieger yawns, but he is not bored. Jay explains the science behind yawning. Feel free to yawn!


John Lestina --- said...

I yawned 4 times while you were talking on this "Yawning" vlog, ha!

Jean Boutcher said...

The very moment I saw you yawn, I
yawned. Then I would yawn each time you demonstrated yawnings! LOL.

Jay, I humbly learn MANY new things from you.

Merci beaucoup and
Bonne Année!
-Currently deeply yawning-

LaRonda said...

True business! I'm socially yawning with the rest of the commenters above!

Good to see you again! You always vlog about fun and interesting topics.

~ LaRonda

Jon Savage said...

Hey ABC! I beat you by 5 yawns! Now, I got "Yawn champ" belt! Whoo..

By the way, I left comment at Only if you want to check it out.

Anonymous said...


You always bring up the great topic of your vlogs! i learn something new from you. You are very creative vlogger!!!!

Amazing!!! you were telling about yawn then i yawned twice!

Anonymous said...

I read everyone's comments before watching ur vlog, I decided to try not to yawn....I think I made it but did yawn a little after your vlog was done.

Interesting part about an autism ...I wonder if doctors or social workers use yawning tests to see whether a person is an autism or not.

Anonymous said...

Yawning is very contagious! I felt it coming while watching you! All the best in the new year.

~ Just Deaf

deafk said...

hmm, within about three minutes, I yawned!

smile, deafk

Anonymous said...

Hey you, Abc and Jon Savage...I beat you and earned yawning contest...I yawned 7 times...Its me Jay's Dad. Send me the Yawn Champ Belt.

Lisa C. said...

Thanks for making me yawn! I had noticed that its very contagious.

Be sure and give a Yawn Champ belt to your dad!

Deb Ann said...

*laughs* Right now, I am yawning...the third one after reading all the comments. Now I am going to watch his vlog! Shame on you all for getting my attention! *yawning* again!

Deaf Woman said...

Lol! Job well done, you got us yawning! I felt it coming and held it in til about halfway through your vlog, I yawned halfway, cuz I started laughing...then at the end of your vlog, yawned 4 big long ones! Interesting about Autism. Will have to pay more closer attention to them.

Thanks for entertaining us with some amusing facts and making us ponder on these things. Happy New Year Jay!

tayler said...

I fought not to yawn throughout your vlog :)

Krissy Kays said...

Interest!!! Guess what, after 5 mins waiting for my reaction to the social yawning, I lost my 8th yawn's champ belt -- your fake yawn nor read all comments' cldnt make me yawning. Am I something wrong? Bad empathy?? Sniff... must b an outsider of vloggers/bloggers' world, I although always find yours fanastic research about a lot things u share with us, I learn alot things. What an amazed we yawn toggie like socially Deaf's yawn unity! Wanna say I appreciate your time with everything you make us not boring with life, look forward to our 2008'lifetime. Smile...



IamMine said...

haha.... I yawned 9 times!!!

here's another one... phew.

If I didn't have to run out of the house right now, I'd be taking a nap!

I just had another yawn!!!

That's ELEVEN!!!

Geeeeeeez! ;)

Anonymous said...

6 yawns within 4 mins. Amazing!

B.A.D. said...


Guess how many times I yawned?

Guess Again??? Guess Again???

ZIP - ZERO!!! What does that MEAN!!!! LOL!!

Gooooood Vlog!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

yawwwninnggg... what a fascinated lesson !!! Ü

DeafKathy (Wilson) said...

I tried, tried and tried not to yawn.... dang you got me yawning. It is so amazing how contagious it is in different ways. UNBELIEVABLE!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jay,

I haven't yawned while I watched you.Therefore, I am a nonsocial yawner, ugh?

The reason why I do not yawn is that my dentist told me to stop yawning in order to avoid clicking jaws. I had problems with my that tended to be clicked when I yawned. The advice the dentist gave me works well. I do not yawn since I saw the dentist. We can control not to yawn if we have problems with our jaws,

Jay, I always enjoy watching your Vlogs. You can assume that I am in the library to view your Vlogs. Unfortunately I do not go to the library on a daily basis. However, I will try to do my best to catch up viewing your Vlogs.

Happy New Year!

Sandra Goldstein

Anonymous said...

I was wondering some people would yawn in bed late night durling sleeping?

Anonymous said...

Yeah.. wondering why after I wake up in the morning, yawning walking to bathroom or going to kitchen making myself a cup of tea.

KateVadakin said...

While watching your vlog, not once did I YAWN! I drank a cup of my favorite cappucino!! lol

What you mentioned about people with Autism is very interesting. Yes they don't have emotional attachment to other people and it does make sense. I've learned a few signs for Autism and your sign is a new one for me.

I will watch your other vlog's as I find many Deafies' vlog's very interesting!!

Thanks for the entertainment and educational information about YAWN!


Anonymous said...

Lol you got me yawning twice :P

Aaron Carr