Thursday, December 6, 2007

Varying Reactions to Various Implants

Jay Krieger rambles on how we all have our own various personal reactions to various implants. The reactions could be based on our personal values, culture, religion, necessity, phobia, language, etc. Eventhough all kinds of implants are technological advances, we have various tolerances toward them.


todos la vie said...

For varying signs to various implants, come here. :-)

John Lestina --- said...

Response about various implants: CLICK HERE

Anonymous said...

I should consider chin implant next.

C said...

Definitely, each of us have our own views. Most seem to be necessity and provides better "quality of life". Everyone's view of what consist of better quality of life varies as well. You mentioned brain implant, that's one I never heard of.

Deb Ann said...

Thank you for asking what we think!

I am not againist CI and each one has a right to make a decision on having CI.

My friend's mother (in LATE 50) just had breast implants (to make them look BIGGER). It puzzled me and I wondered why she wanted it. I thought she is too old for that, but actually it's none of my business.

You made a good point on that subject.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to put in the thoughts, I think that its the difference between medical, cosmetic and cultural beliefs, not sure about religious belief.

medical: its the matter of life or death

Cosmetic: its the matter of economic (beauty means job opportunity because of appearance)

Cultural: its the matter of social interactions - in this case, CI.

Religious: not sure.

My two cents

Jean Boutcher said...

I and many deaf people love your vlogs because of your inquisitive
mind with intelligent questions!

CI is the paradign of changing from signing to speaking -- a big transition. CI moves a person from a linguistic minority group to a majority group whereas one remains the same after receiving a heart implant or a chin implant.

Always appreciate your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Jay- I have been asked about this before. I am not against for anyone to have heart, pancreas or valve implant because their organs are failing and they need an implant to save their lives. As for breast or other implant for their personal needs…it is up to the person and they need to be adult to make that decision and choice. Cochlear implant is not something to save someone’s life. I don't care if adults want to go in for CI as long as there is a law to protect children…a law that protect them not to get CI until they are adults. There is no law for them and Deaf adults with CI don’t even care. They don’t care. Amazing! That is including you too. You are being too nice and sweet about it. You should not. You should be very angry to see what Deaf children are going through today. I am appalled that many don’t care to see deaf children…so tiny…so small…so innocent…and just came to earth not so long ago and yet Drs, Parents, Deaf community enjoy seeing children being tortured every single day….I mean every single day. Many spent their energy on Jane Fernandes because she is very important to them and not deaf children. That is something I will never understand their thinking and reaction. Please think about this and no more sweet talks about children getting CI. Wake up Deaf Americans!

Karen Mayes said...

*Grinning* I enjoyed viewing your vlog... thought-provoking. Most of my initial responses were based on the combination of medical and cosmetical viewpoints. I laughed at the enlargement of certain anatomical parts. But I noticed I did not take culture and religion into account a lot.

I wonder about brain about the complete brain transplant/implant, will it also alter the sense of identity? Like in the movie of Frankenstien? Just wondering...;o)

IamMine said...

Interesting. :)

I don't have time to give my response, but I'll tell you one thing.

I'm going to have my tooth extracted today and I've requested a tooth implant. :P

I said I ain't ready to lose the structure of my face at this age I am at, so the insurance BETTER cover for it!

I could deal with this if I were 55, but not at the age I am at....

No way - not if I can help it!

Just great timing - going through pains and studying for final exams.

Anyhooo.... now that you brought it up, I'm wondering which one I shall go for next...

Just kidding! :P

Signing MC said...

What about cyborg? In future there will be cyborg peoples because of technology available implants.

DeafKathy (Wilson) said...

I want to implant bigger hands!! So everyone can recognize ASL better, hahah

Good subject. Half of those implants you mentioned are for miracle just like JohnABC mentioned and I felt the other half of them are to increase self esteem/feel good/get more attention.

LaRonda said...


I so dig you! Where do you come up with these thoughts? You are definitely the more philosophical vlogger of the year!

~ LaRonda

Anonymous said...


Interesting VLOG! Cosmetic implants for self-esteem in order to look good such as penis and breast implants.

Heart, brain , eye implants are to help functioning better.

CI helps people to hear. But CI hel;ps people to hear SOUNDS, NOT WORDS. The problem is that parents who cannot accept the fact that their children are deaf and want to see them look like normal hearing children. However, people with cochlear implants look like abnormal people. If deaf adults want to hear sounds, they are entitled to a right to have CI. But as deaf babies put them with CI is a different story.

Sandra Goldstein


oh my god gosh you became robot implants became machine robot lol just kidding to you .