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Who is intelligent? Jay Krieger covers the word intelligence and shows that people can be intelligent in many other ways beyond academic excellence.


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Jana Bielfeldt said...

Interesting. What about common sense? Some people do not have good common sense. Some do have a better common sense. Is this the characteristic of intelligence? Smiles. Just curious.

Wacky Taz said...

I concur with you, Jay.

I think a person have more capacity not just intelligence but other factors that would make that person very of a kind.

Imagine meshing together Albert Einstien, Gandhi, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Rockfeller, J. P. Morgan, Michael Jordan, FDR, General Patton, Walter Payton, Marx Brothers, and some more "intelligent" people from all walks of life and we'll get an excellent person to learn from! Add deafness to that person and that's a bonus!

Anonymous said...

Agree. I was told by many people I am very intelligent but I still don't see myself thou. I think it has to with my low emotional I.Q.

Judge said...

You said it very well!

Next month at DSA conference, you will find a lot of rich stories to be "heard"!!

I hope to tape a few stories from seniors..


drmzz said...

There is more depth to intelligence rather than taking a description off from wikipedia (at ur own risk). But, yea, some people are unique in some areas than others. There is no clear answer to why, but inferences. Some people have fluid intelligence (think on the spot, solve complex problems), or crystallized intelligence
(pre-planning, knowledge and exp), or both. Exactly, how can one determine and measure intelligence? This is the ongoing dilemma in testing circles on intelligence in children and adults. There are still some controversy on standarized tests like culture bias and such.

mochame said...

You bring up the good point, To my humble intelligence won't hurt me and Only way i can learn from them so I can get more plenty of space in my brain.

Anonymous said...

I am with DMRZZ. Additionally, my favourite philosopher Kant defines logic and intellgience. A Ph.D. holder does not mean that his intelligence is stellar about the universe or that he knows more than a person without a Ph.D. He is limited in one major. I know some non-Ph.D.ers who have logic that some Ph.D.ers lack thereof. You should observe some Ph.D.ers being reduced intelligently or logically by truly intelligent non-Ph.Ders.


Anonymous said...

I am with DMRZZ. Additionally, my favourite philosopher Kant defines logic and intellgience. A Ph.D. holder does not mean that his intelligence is stellar about the universe or that he knows more than a person without a Ph.D. He is limited in one major. I know some non-Ph.D.ers who have logic that some Ph.D.ers lack thereof. You should observe some Ph.D.ers being reduced intelligently or logically by truly intelligent non-Ph.Ders.


Deaf Niches said...

I believe common sense is trademark of intelligence, as well as humor which is in a way abstract. I know there are some people who are I call "book smart" (I admit to being one as well) while others seemingly absorbs info easily which would take others several times to finally undestand. My son is like that, and he goes to the gifted class for math in the mainstream school. But I see my daughter a smart cookie because she has empathy with people, can tell which is right and wrong, etc. in which my son lacks. My husband is gifted but happens to be a product of lousy education due to a lot of shame in his family toward deafness, so he was neglected a lot. He is a Delphi programmer working on Meridian St.

All kinds of intelligence... but I believe common sense is very important. You know what is right and wrong... essential for survival. AND... when people ask a lot of good question, showing desire to learn and understand, it is a sign of learning in process, makes them fun to talk to.

IamMine said...

Damn it, Jay... you made too many vlogs!!

I got a lot to catch up with everyone else's vlogs.. amazing what a few days can do!

I think this is really a great topic and I'd like to try to respond in a vlog - no promises, though. ;)

I think your vlog is a great way to encourage more vloggers to feel more comfortable about themselves! GREAT!!

Back to homework... you people of ALL walks of life have made me a little smarter over here, but not at school... :)

IamMine said...

Oh - never mind.

deaf niches said it pretty much. :D

Well, there you go... :D

Anonymous said...


Thank you for mention about GRASSROOT people.

And keep up with your VBlog daily as I feel so great daily as if it is a newspaper. One of those days you did not put any new VBlog; I already miss that as if I miss the world news.

thank you for your heartfelt doing that.


aidan mack said...

Hello, I am curious what happened to my comment. Why was it removed? :o)


IamMine said...

Aidan - because... just because you are too smart for Jay?!


No, it must be some kind of mistake - I've seen some strange things like visual verification images not showing up or not allowing me to log in with my username. Or duplicate comments.


Dean-Susie said...

Way to go! No wonder we dont see many grass root people at NAD convention or similiar events. Even those with "Gallaudet attitude" need to change and show more sensitivity to the other "intelligent" people who have more senses than we give them credit for. Thank you for making this clear to all of us!

Anonymous said...

Gardner discusses 8 different intelligences and this is relevant to what you are discussing. The 8 intelligences that Gardner discusses include musical, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, natural, mathematic, linguistic and spatial intelligences. Some people are geniuses at music (Beethoven), some are genius at bodily-kinesthetic (Michael Jordan), some are genius at interpersonal (Clinton) get the gist. We all cant be geniuses at all the 8 intelligences.

aidan mack said...

IamMine~ oh, it's a man thing! *snickers*

Me too I notice some flaws. I began to question my eyes if they are screwed. Whew!


Jay said...


Oh jeez something is wrong. I saw you post 2 times, so I deleted redundant and left one, apparently deleting one also deleted the other. Something must have corrupted. I would never delete yours unless you were harassing me, which I know you didnt.

Mind reposting your comment again, if you remember what you said.


Ir. Hj. Othman bin Hj. Ahmad said...

Why don't you refer to my blogs:;

Intelligence is different from Common Sense.

That is why there is a word common in "Common Sense".

Intelligence is only a resource that needs to be used, in order to have a good common sense.

As to the current widespread research on multiple intelligences, these are more like various versions of common senses.

Anonymous said...

My mother attended school only up to 8th grade,but she is wiser and deeper with her philosophy about life than most people I know. I always go to her for her input. She comes to me for my writings and advocacy resources. We support each other with our strengths. Often I find myself drawn to people who have high emotional quotient like my mother, because they are able to see the gray areas. They have good "instincts" which is essential for survival. To me that is intelligence.

Julie Rems-Smario

Lantana said...

In the deaf world, signing "intelligent" when speaking of an acquaintance is an everyday thing. Behind the scenes, the deaf describe a person as being "intelligent" (or) square on the forehead. This descrition is very much a part of deaf culture and I think "intelligent" in this concept applies more to people who have good English skills and a great deal of common sense. The word "intelligent" when used by deaf (or) hearing has a completely different meaning. A deaf person who has little or no writing skills can be deemed "intelligent" because they have a good job and have made something of their lives. It has nothing to do with IQ.

Anonymous said...


Hey I expect you kneed and beg for my forgiveness for deleting my comment. :o)

Having a good common sense is a part of Comprehend Complex Idea and it can also mean Comprehend Simple Idea.

I struggle with English writing but I consider myself an intelligent person. Intelligent is one of things that based on the ability to acquire different information.

I am getting better and better with my English writing because I am able to acquire information from my English tutor that I never got when I was a child.

Deaf Niches said...

Aidan, you have a good grasp of English syntax. Better late than never :)

Anonymous said...

Intelligence.....mind. Look at the comedians and the comedy writers. No one tells them. How can the comedians and the comedy writers being so intelligents.

It is truly amazing that they have more than many capacities, not only their minds but communication.

White Ghost

Michele said...

I tried commenting to this post twice but no luck!!

Anyway, intelligence comes in many different forms. It is not easy to define intelligence but to me, being intelligent is when you have common sense, ability to think on your feet, think rationally, understand what people think/respond/feel, and many more. There are people who are extremely intelligent academically but they lack in social/emotional skills.

You mentioned something about learning from experience. I question what about addicts, are they deemed not intelligent simply because they are addicted to drugs/alcohol or whatever. This is where I find parts of definition of intelligence very sticky because sometimes people will still repeat from experience and don't learn from it even if it brings them bad things.

drmzz said...

I think I did post at Aidan's vlog about Deaf Humor, it did not go thru. Picking on Jay, double standards? Hmm. :) Could be bug problems with Blogger this week.

Barb DiGi said...

Yep, there was a problem with posting alright cuz right before this I was attempting to leave a comment using blogger but it didn't get through.

I learned my hard lesson a long time ago when commenting a pretty elaborative passage and it was lost. So from now on, I ctrl-copied it before publishing it. Hey am I gaining my intelligence? is definitely a learned behavior!

There are varying degrees of intelligence that one may excel in a particular area. Doesn't it mean he or she is not intelligent if the other areas are not met?

It's cool that you are able to broaden the definition of intelligence but like Mike said beware of Wiki since it is thrown in by amateurs online.

Anonymous said...

beautiful defintion of intelligence, for me people who know how to respect humanity at all levels regardless of education, experiences, values, and background, are intelligence. We are no better than others, period.

Anonymous said...

Kudos Jay! Your analogy of intelligence is a welcome's people like you who open doors for a wealth of associations where each can at least be in awe and appreciate the possibilities without the intimidation factor; however, there are those with intelligence full of warmth towards humankind while there are a certain sort who feel intimidated by their strength. Ain't it amazing how compassion fits in towards the lesser who place themselves in the lessor parts...not need be for they, too, have the abilities waiting to bud and bloom. There's a time and a place for each one's divine worth to shine. So everyone out there, take heart, you, too, shall have your bloom when you are ready, at least I hope so...

Anonymous said...

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