Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Harley-Davidson: Life is Good!

To honor David Martin's request, heres my first Harley-Davidson story-poem done in ASL. It was originally written while I was cruising through South Dakota.

The written blog can be found at Life is Good!


IamMine said...


Thanks for the cold water!!!

I appreciate it!!


Anonymous said...


Thank you for stopping by. Karma comes good to you in a short way!

Thumbs Up!

Anonymous said...

Nice Story.. RIDING A MOTORCYCLE is my world, especially while I race down facing all challenge curves. I just completed the Vlog about why I chose Racing Motorcycle over Harley Davidson. He he! Weird! I am a proud SUZUKI SV 650 sportsbiker.


Chuck said...

How poetic! The richness of ASL was there in your story like a ballad. I could hear it from your pipe.


FRED said...

A poet!

Nicely done, would be nice having some snap shots slide through behind you, every now and then.

Try it.

I am a Harley lover, own a Dyna Super Glide Custom.

Susan said...

captivating :)

Toby Welch said...

Good story! Thanks!

What about my cold water drink? Just kidding!

Anonymous said...

Harley Davidson Rocks!!!!

Feel so peace while riding HD motorcycle. My hubby has a HD Road King classic.

Great poet!

CMS from Boston

Anonymous said...

No wonder, you didn't see me! You stopped for the lady! Was she semi-naked?

Barb DiGi said...

You got a good heart! I love your story and this world would need more people like you!

John Lestina --- said...

msg for david Martin, CLICK HERE

Lisa said...

Very cool story. More stories , please! I love riding my motorcycle to feel the wind on my face but the bugs kept flying into my mouth even I kept my lips closed tightly one day and got a new clear plastic face cover for my helmet.

mishkazena said...

Ahh, a kind-hearted motorcyclist! Your poem made me feel I was riding on the motorcycle next to you

David A. Martin said...

Jay and John,

Thank you SIRS!

Very cinematic comments from both of you!

Over 450 hits! Many Harley fans out there!


David A. Martin said...

John and Jay for you HD Freaks if you are still there...others can jump in!



John Lestina --- said...

Another msg for David Martin and his wife Debbie: CLICK HERE

Roy Collins said...

Hi Jay,
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PatBikerGuy said...

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PatBikerGuy said...

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