Thursday, February 1, 2007

Enjoy or Ignore: You have the power

Jay Krieger discusses the power you have on whether you would enjoy or ignore certain b/vlogs. You would view certain b/vlogs only if you enjoy them, and simply skip those b/vlogs you do not enjoy them. The b/vloggers can present their messages in however form they like.

The point being made here is that there is no need to push expectations on the b/vlogger if you do not like what you see; but to just move on. However, debating on the presented message in themselves are what really counts.


Anonymous said...

People have always excersized preference, this will not change.. so long as each is treated as a fair right to express a view... it's those who adopt a superior attitude about it that gets me...

There's good blogs bad blogs, plain nasty blogs, some very inspirational ones, the only ones I don't like, are those that think the world and it's Uncle wants to know what they ate this morning..

Jay said...

Absolutely. Just consider that as a "bad book" and simply move on.

You as the viewer and the b/vlogger both have the same power. You can view or ignore, and they can ramble or disappear. The Internet has plenty of room for all of us.

Think about this -- invoking a response from you may be exactly what the b/vlogger wants... getting your attention.

Christopher said...

You made incredible expression on your view in your vlog. Well something I want to share with you how will we hardly choose to ignore. Okay, just giving you an example, when you go to bookstore, you walk and notice a hard book, said, oh, the cover of the book grabbed my attention and think it could worth my time to take look at the book. Then you open the book, then said wait a minute, I don’t find this book very eager to read, why did the book come up with awesome cover, thanks a lot, you (book) waste my five minutes. Now you see why it could be difficult to ignore on the vlog because quality, message, and composition could be different what you see on website, as you know website and vlog couldn’t be similar. For example, an author wrote his opinion on the website which cause the viewers eager to read then they take opportunity to view the vlog, but problem is the vlog, can it be clear to all viewers, well, no, how can they ignore the vlog since some viewers felt that it could waste their time to view, maybe lengthy vlog, I would say 5 minutes, compared to the message an author left on the same page as vlog display, only take few minutes to read. I believe all is about time, make the viewers have difficult to choose to ignore or worth their times.

Jay said...


Yup you are absolutely right. You raised good points.

But yet, do you write to the author of the book or take it up to the cashier and express your frustration. Or do you just lay the book down, swear at it silently, and move on?

When nobody buys the book, it simply disappears. Likewise, when nobody responds to a blog, the blogger would likely disappear in time.

There are simply too many good and positive stuff out there to spend our energy on.


Anonymous said...

Much ado about nothing really.

Michele said...

Yes we should be blessed with the opportunity of choosing what information we want to read or not. Some countries like Iraq, you are very sorely limited to what they want you to know and you don't really have much choice. So I feel blessed and thank my grandparents for coming to America in order to have this kind of freedom. We need to be careful when we complain as that can be easily taken away.

Fookem said...

I agreed with what you said. Excellent vlog!