Monday, February 5, 2007

Life is good

In the scorching heat
Riding down a country route
Full of prairie
In South Dakota

Armed with water
Smeared with sun lotion
Full stomach
Full gas tank

Approaching a biker group up front
That cruised at a leisure speed
Harley fellow riders

Wanting solitude
Opening gas throttle
Engine guns and passes them by
Riders grimace my roaring pipes

Down the route
A large biker group
Approaching by in a zigzag format
They saluted

I noticed a stranded bike on shoulder
A gal looking down
Her frustrated boy on his knees
Fidgeting on the engine

My crowd in front
The other crowd in my rear mirror
Not one noticed
Nor cared

Screeched to a stop
Made an U-turn
Guy looks up and waves 'go on'
But gal pleads with her eyes

Guy thumbs 'all is cool'
But gal gives out a 'gimme-a-ride' look
Dismounting from my horse
Gave her a bottle of cool water

Guy thumbs up 'thanks'
Gal waves 'thanks'
Treated them with a thunder
From my straight pipes
Take care!

Continuing on my way
Catching up with life
That waited for me
Life is good.

During a Harley ride-about north of Sturgis, South Dakota

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