Saturday, March 24, 2007

Why we need English?

Sure, bilingualism is doing very well in our Deaf community, but why exactly did we have to learn English? Jay Krieger explains his views on why, and continues discussion on how he thinks Deaf community can be more louder.


Anonymous said...

AMEN!!!!!!!!! You da MAN!

John F.Egbert said...

Keep it up Jay!

Your/Our icon of who you are:


We need you to keep it up by doing more Vlogging. The "fertilizer" of our growth in self-esteem.

John F. Egbert

Dennis Bacon said...

Jay, The Greatest Teacher for all of us. You have your talents to tell us to smell the coffee. It could be one of yours. What kind of coffee do you drink? I love it. I hope all of us become Unity for the better future in our deaf culture! Keep up!!!


Anonymous said...

I alway enjoy watching you. I love ASL and English. Why English? I love reading, so can you image no books for us to read? Not me! English is for us to survive and reading:)

AlN said...

Well said!

I'm amazed at many of your viewpoints and your points are well taken.

While I don't know you personally but I've seen two of your vlogs so far, you've already convinced me that I would VOTE for you to become our future NAD president!!!

Al Noll

Anonymous said...

Some thoughts:

Legal means. Advances in rights and opportunity can be made in legal arguments and litigation. But where is the Deaf lobby? (The last time any Deaf lobby was powerful was DPN twenty years ago; the recent Gally protest was an example of petty whining, not true Deaf political power.) What has the NAD done for the Community _outside_ of the East coast? What are the ADs doing for the Community now? If you've every complained that your state AD isn't doing much, then _you_ are the problem. Ultimately, did we not learn the lesson from Hurricane Katrina: the government is not going to help us out. _We_ have to roll up our sleeves and get busy.

Respect for minorities. Respect is an _earned_ privilege, not an expected right. We want other minorities and the hearing population in general to respect us? Then act like we want it, and not like we're _entitled_ to it.

Funding. Grrr. Money doesn't grow on trees anymore and the people that have the money aren't always willing to drop it in anyone's laps. Granted, this is a hard one. On one hand, we want to be disabled to get that money. But on the other hand, we want to be a linguistic minority, so we can be recognized as a language group. This will always be a problem until the Deaf community gets over our schizophrenia and decides which we will be.

Deaf running for office. Oh, please, please soon. I hope Kelby Brick runs for office again.

Education. As much as I love having these Deaf professionals become world-class Deaf linguists and Deaf Studies professors and specialists in Deaf education (and is our Community even reading their work? Or is it just too 'hearing,' with the bigger words and phrases?), is that all Deaf people can do? Where are the Deaf economists? Where are the Deaf scientists? Where are the Deaf politicians? Oh, right, crab theory...

Oh, BTW, learn English? At least two reasons: 1) our children and 2) daily survival. Kind of hard to get a cheeseburger at the nearby McDonalds without it.

Thanks for the post, Jay. Perhaps you should run for your state AD or political office?

Anonymous said...

GASP!!!!.... Googlevideo not videoegg... haha

anyway... Great Vlog!!!


amanda said...

Enjoyed reading what you had to say.

I wanted to add that I just simply cant imagine not being able to read English. Being able to read allows me to pick up any book I want to learn about whatever I am interested in.. Not being able to do that would be far too limiting.

Kathie said...

Hi Jay,

Can you put your direct link on your post? I tried to run your google video. I greatly apperciate that


Cousin Vinny said...

A good vlog! I would like to suggest one teensy little thing to your current line of thinking about being involved in politics;

Register to vote! More importantly, don't elect to involve yourself in the political process as an 'Independent'. Sure, you can choose to be an independent, and this nation was founded by people who dared to think different.

Rather, I would encourage you to strongly consider registering with a political party. I'd rather not single out a political party, but I invite you to check this List of U.S. Political Parties, from which you can explore to your hearts content and to eventually settle upon supporting a political party that closely aligns with your personal & political beliefs.

This way, you'll be involved in local politics, primaries, debates, etc. There is no better time to be a voter now, especially when the upcoming and highly contested 2008 elections are almost upon us!

Jean Boutcher said...

Great logic in your vlog, Jay! Someone above says you should run for president of the NAD. I must
chime in! Run for 2008!

Deaf Niches said...

Jay... a question which I hope you could answer or any of the readers could answer as well...

Does the state of Indiana have a Deaf Child's Bill of Rights?

Jay said...

Deaf Niches,

I am not sure if ISD has such Deaf Bill of Rights document specifically for the school. Nor do I think State of Indiana has one. However, if you go to NAD State Legislation Status you will notice that Indiana has nothing on this.

mule435 said...

Interesting topic and I undy that DEAF/HOH require English by influnce of a lot source like TV withcc,Reply,School,Family,Friend as We are only miniorty of DEAF/HOH in the world. ASL is the power for us OFC! We have CAD and In our Federal Government, We have four or so Party and it called Bloc Quebecuios(BQ) which have 75 ridings in Quebec Vs Our Canada have 381 ridings and It show BQ would never win Majority for Goverment but can lead miniority party. Like us to be same the long down the road. We need a good source of enconmy,politics rep., sponsor,voice, and community. Keep to have VLOG to get more feedback

Deaf Niches said...

Hmmm... I will approach Dave Geelsin and ask him if I could help anyway with bringing Deaf Child's Bill of Rights into effect in the state of Indiana, so that ISD would see more success in obtaining necessary funds, etc. I have a lot to learn though, but I want to start somewhere. I will email to Dr. Geelsin and go from there.


David said...

Hi Jay,

I am 7 days too late to answer that, eh!

Anyway your comment is well taken and I agree with you.

There is only one missing link we have never had one before. I thought about that that I am sure will help us a lot for our own best interests and values.

It is called "think tank" group. It can be national or USA/Canada. There are many organizations have that and we do not have one yet based on national or international level. I am sure there are some local ones.

I think I will make my comment soon about that.