Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Remaking of "The Perfect Storm"

As a tribute to the glorious Unity for Gallaudet protest, Jay Krieger explains a remake of The Perfect Storm that he saw.

For your entertainment, this is probably our vLogSphere's very FIRST vLog-based game!

I used fourteen (14) "key" words, names, phrases, and activities related to the Protest "hidden" within the story. Can you find them?

To get you started, "Perfect Storm" as the title is the first hidden one. "Gallaudet" in the "Sea of Gallaudet" is the second hidden one. Can you find 12 more? The answer can be found in the FIRST comment. No Peeking!

Have fun!


Jay said...

Heres your answer key!

1. Perfect Storm (title)
2. Gallaudet (Sea of Gallaudet)
3. 19 years (IKJ term)
4. "Deaf can do anything but hear", IKJ quote on boat
5. IKJ (captain)
6. BoT (crew)
7. JKF (next captain)
8. Promoting JKF (handpicked by IKJ)
9. "New Order" (JKF quote on boat)
10. Lobster, clam, crab (diversified students)
11. "Not Deaf Enough" (JKF quote)
12. Sleeping Giant (United for Gally UNITED!)
13. Wave (remove JKF from presidency)
14. Davila (helicopter pilot)

Hope you enjoyed this vLog game!

Anonymous said...


good one!!! haha...


mishkazena said...

What a great story! :)

RLM said...

Real good mimcking of "The Perfect Storm" with Jane Fernandes' infamous quote - "I am in the "Perfect Storm", too.

IKJ have his own yacht in name of "S.S. Minnow" after the popular CBS television show - "Gilligan's Island". How eerie for the IKJ never get out of his shell (Gilligan's Islands) with all klutzes plotting all harebrained schemes and always failed at them.

I am not really kidding that IKJ name his yacht - "S.S. Minnow" at his Maryland home.

"S.S. Minnow" and "The Perfect Storm" symbols of their choices - IKJ and JKF tell us much about who and what they are all about.

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Toby Welch said...

HAHAHA! That is a very good story!

Gallaudet Protest Legal Issues said...

And then, THIS happens, and he says:

"Gort! Deglet ovrosco!"

(Translation: "Board of Trustees, be gone!)

Anonymous said...

I love it!

Susan said...

amazing story.

LS said...

I loved it!
You are good at this storytelling.

Here below a word verification...ausdm to validate my comment here.

What did you first thought of it?

Audism! IJK and JKF The Perfect Storm.

Wow, how irony!

Nick Vera said...

You have 5 stars review and blockbuster hit on sequel to the Perfect Storm. Kudos to your production!

Anonymous said...

awesome: very creative and comprehensive.. Human

Anonymous said...

Don't you really mean that it was the making of "THE 'PERFECT' PROTEST" ? I think that's what you are really trying to prove of.

Noah said...

Two Thumbs Up!

I surely hope that you are going to make another one like this!


Fookem said...

LOL...good one.

drmzz said...

I know we talked about this, but I post this for others.
Add one more,
Capturing the Crabs = crab theory.

Ella Lentz said...

Wonderful and clever!! Oscars are waiting for you for best screenplay, best actor, best director, best camera work! Hope you do more of those kind of stories. Creative!

Anonymous said...

Me second Ella..an oscar contender!


Anonymous said...

It feels as though I'm watching a real movie!

I must've overlooked this one until Paula Jean Ammons sent me a link to check it out. I'm glad she did and sorry if I'm a bit late.


Jay said...

A viewer with sharp eyes caught an error that I acknowledged. If I ever redo this story I will make some modifications here and there.

This viewer explained "By throwing crabs, lobsters and clams as being not deaf enough, you are supporting JKF's lie that protest happened because she wasn't deaf enough"

Thanks for catching that!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking my observation into consideration by posting this! :)