Saturday, February 16, 2008

Y! Live Explained!

Thanks to Tayler for discovering Y! Live and sharing it with the DeafRead community. Over 100 of us scrambled into his Channel (room) last night and had a great time. Using it for our first time, there are many comments and suggestions made by our dear readers that Jay Krieger thought he could explain, so Jay self-volunteered and explained some things in this vLog.


Jay said...

Actually, Y! Live was designed such that one person is Live (e.g., teacher, presenter, interview, etc.,) which appears on the big window on top left corner, while the participants are all on the chat & 4 windows on bottom.

This would have been PEEEERFEEECT if used at the DeafRead Conference where the MC and Presenters would be viewed live on the big window, and all of us online b/vloggers watch and discuss via the chat or mini windows on the bottom.

Jay said...

Sorry, one more thing...

To help manage privacy, the owner of the Channel can go to My Profiles, and click on "Private" which prevents the channel be shown as public (e.g., crazy nuts and public customers in stores, etc) which is listed on the Y! Live home page. When a channel is marked as private, we all just need to type the URL (e.g., or Tayler's at The URL can be hyperlinked on your blogs or anywhere so the target participants can find which channel (room) to use.

DeafKathy (Wilson) said...

Thank you so much for clarification and it really helps a lot! I m sure everyone will settle down after all of the overwhelming moments.

Tayler should get medal for establishing something like that. He's bright! (and you too!)

FounderCobra said...

Yea That's exectly what we are doing on. Thanks for explain to everybody to make sure they are understanding clearly! By the way, I saw you online yesterday!


Shel said...

Jay, your vlog keeps freezing up. I don't know if it's at my end or at yours. Could you check please?


Deb Ann said...

I second deafkathy (100%) and I was confused until LaRonda helped me! I had a blast and I'd like to do it again. Hope to get a chance to talk with you through Y! Live.

Judge said...

Yeah, now it brings another question.. What would Google improve and beat the Y.

Sure it was fun last night!

GalaxyAngelz said...

YLive is quite amazing but not sufficiently webcam group.

Prefer unlimited people who can using webcam group chat rooms. So everyone can see view all peoples..

Camfrog is rip off the price but amazing unlimited group chat room. That what I like. Oh well too bad!

Pretty quite fun chatting other vloggers/bloggers too.

Than Public Chatroom which happeneds. If set up private and will requires password to enter. That major problem.

Yesterday, I tries to block but isn't working and pretty strange.
or just me dumb and rookie? (scoff laughing)
By the way, Great nice meet you last night. Sorry to short chatting w/you. Another time, would be great have chatting more later to get know each together like everyone too. :)

LaRonda said...

Thanks for the vlog. It helped 100%. I'd like to see you vlog about the additional info you added so those who use ASL can follow as well. I had a blast last night!

~ LaRonda

Anonymous said...

Very good and clear instruction especially the blocking part...will do that. Thanks

Joey Baer said...

Many thanks for making time in explaining how it works. Too bad I missed you all last night but looking forward to other video conferences!

We are getting better and better with help of technology! Awesome!!

Anonymous said...

I signed up last night and I did not get response after typing in the message box. Thank you for explaining the tips on how to use it.

Susan A said...

thanks Jay, I haven't been there before, but your explanation makes it clearer.

Tatiana said...

okay.. thank for explain ya... last night my frist time this tayler but some told me person better this

i do not know why... of cofsure who anyone of choose but i doesn't matter can both..