Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Gina Coleman & Motorcycle Safety


Jay Krieger made this vLog in dedication to our fellow biker Gina Coleman who departed us on April 6th. Jay covers some motorcycle safety topics. Jay hopes that bikers out there learn (or be reminded of) these lessons that could save your lives.

Gina Coleman
April 6, 2008

Ride in Peace!


DeafKathy (Wilson) said...

Touchy! Eyes filled with tears for her, her family and friends.

You shared very important message about safety and attitudes on road, this message is a-must shared in our communities. Im going to have my deaf son (who loves wheels and has his mind set to get himself a bike when he gets his license) read your message.

John Lestina --- said...

Response to Jay: CLICK HERE

Anonymous said...

Excellent ASL Technique in Motorcycle Safety. I dont have much to amend! Thank you !
Sorrow goes out to Gina's family!

Bobby Sogolow
SCCA/IMSA former driver and Driver's Ed. Instructor

CherylfromMA said...

Jay, excellent vlog...i don't know Gina but i feel her...To Gina's Family, I'm sorry for your loss and you all are in our prayers....Ride in PEACE

Jill Lestina said...

May the Light of Peace and Comfort surrounds Gina's family, friends and the Deaf community.

Steve said...

My mother refused to have me a motorcycle, why? Because it is very expensive funeral. So sad to see her go.

Cobra said...

Check out at www.foundercobra.com about Gina. I miss her so much! Pray for her and her family!


Dana L. said...

Thanks for sharing your important message with us all. Good info about motorcycle safety. We all miss you, Gina!

Deb Ann said...

It's beautifully-signed and must-shared.

My heart goes out to Gina and her family. May God's peace and comfort be with them.

Ride in peace, Gina Coleman.

Candy said...

Never heard of that term, enlightening! Thanks. It kind of is similar to defense driving. Always be prepared for anything.

OCDAC said...

My condolences goes to Gina's family.

I've never been a fan of motor cycles as theres little to none protection for the motorists on the bikes unlike cars.

Jay said...


I think funerals cost the same, whether you are biker or not, or died on a bike or not, no?

Judge said...


SIPDE -- you said that it applies to cycle or car.. I agree because I do that in driving my car/jeep. Thanks for refreshing my memory as an old friend explained me about his motorcycle safety.

My condolonces goes to the Gina Coleman's family & Henry for their loss. May Gian ride in peace.

Rebecca Kouroupis said...

Gina was my ASL teacher at Carmel High School. She taught all of us so much, but I thank her even more because she gave me the ability to "speak" with my deaf brother who's a lot older than me.
It was a sad time for us all when we heard she was let go from her job at the school, and amazingly, so many students tried right away to get her job back!! They were very determined!
And now this has happened just less than a week later, and it's so sad!
She was a great teacher, and a great friend!! I loved her and will miss her deeply, but I know she is in a better place!

Joey Baer said...

I knew Gina and her family while back when I was young. My sympathy goes to Gina and her family. Ride in Peace, Gina!

deafk said...

Hi, Jay,

I know Gina at Gallaudet. We chatted in Indianipolis while I was working there a long time ago. That is too bad that we lost her to the car/motorcycle accident. She was a gentle gal.

My sincerely sympathy goes to her family and friends.

Jay, it is an excellent idea about educating us about the "road" safety. I always use the philosophy of "submit and live" all my life, BUT I just learn the term today.

Thanks again for honoring Gina by doing this vlog!!


Virginia said...

I didn't know Gina, but I am touched by your vlog, Jay... and your obvious love for Gina and desire to remember her in your heart.

I send healing energies to Gina's family and friends.

Virginia L. Beach aka "Ocean"
Deaf Pagan Crossroads

Squ65 said...

A very touching vlog that you made for Gina.

Exactly a good point "Give" ..... I often use this when I drive out there. I am not a fan of motorcycles myself but you help me to understand better. Nice of you to share this with everyone here.

You look very sad. I feel for you and the rest. I am sorry for the lost of your great friend. I don't know her personally but I had seen her around at Gallaudet back in 80's.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the words of wisdoms. I appreciate your kindness and thoughts in remembering Gina.

Gina was a funny lady with full of wits. I will remember her for that.

Please tell Dave and his wife especially Paul that I am thinking of them and hope all is well with them.

Darlene Ewan

jerome cain said...

I kept giving others the way out because I can not afford to lose my life because I want to ride more and MORE! The more I want to ride and will happen anytime no matter what. Shall my heart to Gina!

harley rider from sweden

Jac said...

One day I met Gina thru my good friend at their house when Gina and her husband visited in a town. She was a very sweet person, it was a nice to know her at an once time.

My heart goes out to her family especially her husband, You all will be in my thought & prayer. Stay strength. God be with you.

Jay, your message is an excellent influence to us to learn about the safety on the road. Thank you.

cnkatz said...


That was a beautful and unique tribute you did for Gina and the Tester family.

When Oskar Schnidler "freed" his Jewish factory workers at the end of World War Two, one of "his" Jews removed bridgework from his own mouth to make a gold ring to give to Oskar to express thanks for protecting 1,100 of them throughout the war. Yes, that was in the end of the Spielberg film. A Hebrew quote was inscribed inside the ring which meant, "Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire."

Jay, you were "Oskar" in this post. What you did/share/taught here probably will save at least one life on wheels, you saved the world entire. You did an act of tikkun olam here. Gina must have been nodding and smiling to this.

All three safety golden rules are awesome and universal, like you said, "submit and live" on the road, at work, and in marriage/relationship. one yield, other didn't - something is lost. Jay, you know what I mean. All of us yield, entire world is saved.

philosophic gem this is, again, thank you, I sign to you -

Mark said...

I met all of Gina's biker gang at Riverside,California several months ago last year and they were on way to Baja bike tour. Gina was beaming very exciting about her new six speed Yellow H-D as she showed me at the friend's home garage and explained to me all the luxury details of her bike and she also saw my new FLHRC Road King too. Gina is a professional biker after so many miles wow! and I do know for a fact freak accident can happen to anyone so may the good lord be with her in much better riding places...


I never meet her in person but I heard about her who loves to ride bike. I am deaf woman who member of Stone Deaf MC in Dallas, Tx and love ride biker. I wish I could have met her but it sad to hear her go. I am sure no one ever forget her who touch their heart.

My heart goes out to her family especially her husband, You all will be in my thought & prayer.


salliemae said...

I knew all of Tester family..I went to same school (VSDB) as Gina and Dave. I, too used to be riding motorcycle during my youth year. I had to quit riding after it alomst cost me my left leg. Anyway, thank Jay for sharing the safety of motorcycle riding.
Gina has been touch everyone the walk of this planet heart and she will be missed. May she ride in PEACE!

LS said...

Though I do not know Gina but you made a unique tribute to her and her family that really touch my heart...

Thank for refreshing my mind of SIPDE.
May the light of peace surrounds Gina and her family.

Jay, Thanks, too.

ZERO said...

Thank you for your tribute.
Ride In Peace.

Honey Angel said...

Jay, Many thanks for your time in touch of late Gina and motorcycle safety. I am good friend of Dave and my condolences goes to gina's family.

Minnie Mae Wilding-Diaz said...

Couldn't see the video, but still wanted to leave my condolences for Gina's family, including her brother Dave and wife Janis. I haven't seen Dave and Janis since early 1980, and met Gina when she was 14 years old (I think). No matter how long I haven't seen her, my heart goes out to the people who love her. God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with The Testers and Coleman families. Your vlog has really helped us be more aware while driving on the road. Thank you, Jay.

DeafKathy (Wilson) said...

What happened to the video clip? Let me know if it has been fixed, thanks!

Anonymous said...

My sympathy for the families of
Tester's and Coleman's. Scriptures
might help you Revelation 21:3,4;
Isaiah 25:8; John 5:28,29;
Eccl 9:5,10. Your God
will remember her Psalm 116:15
Just remember her as I worked
with her before. She was very
nice woman.

Anonymous said...

Gina coleman was my dearest friend and always called me "sis" for support since my motorcycle accident in Baja last July. I always miss and cherish her and her love. God will remember her as well as my dearest husband as the Bible says that God always keeps his promise about resurrection happening on earth in his time. My deep sympathy with love goes to Gina's family and extended families.

Jalopper said...

Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful techniques with us, much appreciated.