Thursday, February 7, 2008

Take a Peek at AgBAD's Tax Returns

Continuing from Jay Krieger's previous vLog that surprised you on who made financial contributions to AgBAD, Jay wants to show you how to view AgBAD's Tax Returns filed in 2005. There are some interesting huge numbers in there.

However, Jay recommends that you read How to Read the IRS Form 990 & Find Out What It Means".

Then view GuideStar's information about AgBAD

Finally, take a look at AgBAD's Tax Return Form 990


Pasta said...

As always, brilliant. Another point is that we should think about how much companies donate to AG Bell compared to NAD or other pro-ASL organizations. Maybe they donate much less than to NAD? Also, like you said, they may go to AGB conventions to recruit new customers - who knows, AG Bell attendees may have never been told about Gallaudet or NAD, and then find out that Gally/NAD aren't really as evil as AGB says they are? Make friends with your enemies.

A few more things:

1. Nice way of starting the vlog.
2. Taxman and taxwoman!
3. Hope your pizza was good.

1,121 miles away said...

enjoy your vlogs very much and it's always good to see your face!

just beautiful said...

WOW! you are doing the right thing!

BobRRR said...

Good job mining on this information.

I am curious about those who are on AGB's payrolls. What percent of hearing and deaf? Are those contracting services deaf-owned business? Just to see how much AGBAD support d/Deaf communities financially.

I think part of AGB's strong attraction is that AGB's By-Laws seems well-written as an organization grew old. I think it will be good to learn from it especially help running Deaf organizations strong that will create more attractions.

I am sure NAD has a great By-Laws, Policy manual, and many other guides such as convention guide as well.

Thanks for sharing with us.

Rini said...

I'm getting virus alert from Guidestar website :\ The heuristic detected a suspicious file. Contains suspicious code: HUER/Exploit.html

I tried opening the site three times to see if it was indeed coming from the site and kept getting the same alert of the same suspicious code.

Otherise, informative post.

SDA said...

wow... perfect timing!

i'm now taking an advanced deafhood class through ohlone college...

our class this evening had a guest speaker come and discuss colonialism in terms of $$...

what you discussed here mirrors what we discussed in our class this evening... need to tell my classmates to go and view your vlog...

good info!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Jay, did you also look at the NAD?

A quick look at NAD's Tax Report in 2006, it shows that NAD earned much more than AG Bad: 14.4 millions dollars.

Both executive directors make about the same, in six-figure.

I'm stunned that the NAD earned 14.4M in 2006.

DE said...


Again, thank you so much. This is eye-opening.

To anonymous (Feb. 8th)- remember, AG Bell is also affiliated with many other corporations, especially Cochlear Americas. So- it's not just the few millions you see. Current informal (and I mean informal!) research is showing that through AG Bell's affiliations, there is approximately a $10 BILLION dollar auditory-industrial complex. Staggering...

Will share as more research progresses.