Saturday, February 9, 2008

Need Strategic Plan? Use AGBADs!

Jay Krieger explains that AGBAD's 5 year strategic plan is a perfect model you can use for your organization -- after replacing certain words that Jay points out.

AGBAD's 5-Year Strategic Plan


GalaxyAngelz said...

Since when Agbad changed..
Or before 5 yrs their goal planned or changed recent?
Go Figures!

ASL Risen said...

Yeah!!! Brilliant ideas!!!! Thumb up!!!

Anonymous said...


I know someone already asked you but would you consider running for the NAD president one day?

Bobbie is doing great and I'm talking about several years later from today. We'll need someone like you!

Jean Boutcher said...

AGB's first objective for funding
has caught my eye and prompted me to recommend that DBC (Deaf Bilingual Coalition) ask philanthropolists (Hollywood actors, filmmakers, producers) to
help contribute money to found
programs where hearing parents could learn ASL to teach their deaf children.

mochame said...

I agree with jean boutcher, Won't hurt to ask them support for DBC and NAD and Gallaudet Univ. without AGBAD's help.

Joey Baer said...

Work smart!! I like that!

JBaldridge said...

It will look good on organization's reputation having their strategic copied from AGBAD and making little changes. It will be questioned on their originality model.

Just thought.

JJ said...


Since AGBAD's strategic plan is available for public review, pretty much anyone can literally copy it for his/her organization with revisions. AGBAD probably paid thousands of dollars to consultants to come up with such an excellent strategic plan.

NAD has developed its own strategic plan and like all other strategic plans, it is not set in stone for the duration of the plan. It can be subjected to changes due to unforeseen circumstances such as the AGBAD's letter to PepsiCo as well as the NAD's recent affirmation of its position on ASL.

NAD is currently raising funds in support of its strategic plan. If you are not a NAD member, I encourage you to join NAD so that NAD has more political clout with large membership and donor base. Join and donate to NAD!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Jay: you are correct about how important to use strategic plan.

I agreed with JJ. JJ, Well said! Once NAD has many supporters then NAD becomes stronger. We also must look at our state associations. NAD can't do it alone. It is national level. Poor NAD, lots of responsibility. State Associations need to improve and find good people to work. I notice that some associations doing nothing until the day they go on a free trip to NAD conference.

AGBell has their own chapters, organizations, and groups in different states. They keep on meeting people at hospitals, doctor students, and many more. They educate them about their programs at AGBell.

The state association should do the same. They also should work on the permanent positions for director, and staff to keep it running. The president, and board member will be changed every two or four years due to election.


Diana~ said...

Beautiful!! Goosebumps ~ Deep truth in poignant message.

DeafKathy (Wilson) said...


Best of all!

DE said...

PAH catching up on your vlogs.. wow.. THANK YOU so much for this very good suggestion!!!!!