Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Guess Whos Funding AgBAD?

After looking around on AgBAD website, Jay Krieger came across their 2005 Annual Report. Looking through it, Jay wants to bring your attention to who contributes to AgBAD cause.

Look at their 2005 Annual Report


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Thanks for pointing these donors out. Why would they do that?

Jay said...

Here's NAD's 2005 annual report. Its over 40 pages long, but I did a search for Gallaudet and NTID, and did not find anything that indicates that Gallaudet and NTID contributed to NAD. I could be wrong...

Anonymous said...

That is something I do not understand about the letter from AG Bell to Pepsi about the health and medical benefits.

AG Bell has plenty of sponsors.

All I am thinking of the underprivileged families from all over the world that do not have health and medical insurances. AG Bell have millions of dollars to help them nationally and internationally. They should have known better than that.

Sending the letter to Pepsi from AG Bell regarding the medical and health benefits are very lame.

Sponsorship can be politically hurtful.

White Ghost

Misha said...

Ohhh, gosh...that doesn't look too good.
Please let us know if NAD receives/received any funding from the same group who funded AGBell. That same goes to present/this year AGBell's funding. We'd like to know.

Misha :D

Seek Geo said...

Wow.. I'm speechless! This is definitely good for all of us to be aware of. I'm shocked how MANY of them... I've lost counts a few times, already. *sighs*

Thanks for letting us know, good job! I think we shouldn't do any business with these donors, whatcha y'all think?


DeafJohn said...

We need to ask GU and NTID to stop donate to AgBAD.

Any chance Hillary R. Clinton is on the AgBAD donate list?

mishkazena said...

AGBell Association has millions of dollars per year. It is an extremely wealthy organization.

Just Tom said...

Sigh! Somehow AgBAD got others attention to the big "Tax write-offs". My wild guess is that AgBAD is doing the research business about deafness exculusively while NAD is doing just the "civil rights" business. I wonder abotu NAACP getting sponsors from who? AgBAD is getting big Government monies for medical research.

Just Tom...

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your time and your research about donation. I truly appreciated that very much. It's nice to see more Deaf people becoming proactive about issues in the Deaf community.


Anonymous said...

Jay, Gallaudet and all colleges/universities cannot contributed to non-profits organizations. Some do donate to local neighborhood groups.
And Just Tom, NAACP used racial intimidation in having white Fortune 500 compnaies to give them financial assistance. read Walter Williams' column at www.townhall.com

Anonymous said...

AT&T also donate (or give) to AGBell from the first Bell's original will and for royalty.
that is millions of dollars every year.

David said...

My goodness,

Thanks for letting us know about AGBad and its donators.

Keep us in loop


John Lestina --- said...

Interesting! By the way, I like the way to you say DEF, ha!

Raining in the Northwest said...

Interesting. Maybe someone should write about that, exploit the fact that AGBell acknowledges receiving donations of more than $5,000 by RIT and Gallaudet, AND, a smaller but recognized donation by GoAmerica which is poised to become the largest relay service in America after acquiring HOVRS.

This concerns me.


Barb DiGi said...

This is an eye opener message especially for us alumni. For starters, we can bring this concern to our local alumni chapter and express our POV about how our alma mater choses to donate AG Bell. Gotta dry up our well for AG Bell! Hey, it rhymes!

Anonymous said...

I can see that the AG Bell organisation must work hard in order to keep themselves on Cochlear Corporations' payroll.

just beautiful said...


KyDeafie said...

I am shocked! Thanks for eye opening us. Obviously, we need some action about this.

Coach Creech said...

Thanks for sharing, and that's doesn't look good. We need to do something with these donors to AG Bell.

Anonymous said...

Eh? Heard of tax write off? They probably do those things to get tax write off.

seriously get over it.

IamMine said...

Good find, Jay.

But lots of organizations do it for write-off taxes.

I don't like that donations are made to an organization that does not promote ASL, but I see a problem here.

NTID/RIT is diversity and I'm not sure about Gallaudet? They do have some students there who are members of AGBell. Do they donate to Gallaudet and NTID?

Now we know that AG Bell have a lot of sponsors, then we should help NAD in getting more sponsors to strengthen their organization.

Jay said...

Anon and Iammine;

Tax writeoff? Oh please there are zillions of worthy causes to contribute money to. They have to believe in the organization to be willing to part their money with.

It is all business. Those organizations chose those causes that they either support, or make the most business sense.

ASL Risen said...

Good mawning Jay!

Please do ignore my first comment video response.. Go look at my 2nd video response to your DeafTV Video (pls copy and paste) link: http://www.deafvideo.tv/watch/5959

How can we convience them to donate NAD not AGBAD? My paying monthly bills to Tmobile should go NAD not AGBell??? How???

Jared Evans said...

Cingular is now ATT. They are a reseller of blackberries like many other companies like T-mobile, Sprint, etc.

Blackberries are produced by RIM which is a different company and RIM isn't involved with AGBell donations.

Just wanted to clear that up.

Anonymous said...

Shh Shh, just to bring Oral people into NTID/Gallaudet to change their mind about beautiful ASL! ;)

ASL Risen said...

Thanks Jared but I m still STUCK with my contract with that dummy TMobile!!!

ASL Risen said...

Jared??? Cingular Wireless is also donated to AGBAD??? I m not quite sure to trust that Cingular Wireless!!! Sorry to ask you again!

GalaxyAngelz said...

*Jaw wide opened*
What? Whoever already donate to AgBAD.. What heck matter with them, not even knew about Agbad really advantages lies everyone about their system. Agbad is focus NO ASL/only oralist/CI and much more..
I cannot believe, other of agency or general still ongoing donate to Agbad.

Need to tell everyone to stop donate AgBAD!

RLM said...

I knew a long time about Gallauet University and NTID made finanical donations to the AgBAD organizaion for many years.

Someone affilated with the DBC told me last summer about Gallaudet University's finanical contribution to this year's AgBAD conference within the Davila adminstration.

People and students at the Gallaudet Univerity ought to ask themselves why they should contribute $$ to the particular organization regularly suppress the primary communication usage of deaf people - ASL.

Students at many universities usually making protests at their university adminstration from the issue of sweatshops and labor union disputes for university/college salaried employees.

Sheesh, the MSHA imposed such unfair mortatanium (msp.) on student protest activities at Gallaudet University. That is clearly a violation of the First Amendment - the right to assembly and freedom of expression.

Yes, Gallaudet and NTID do regularly contribute to the NAD Conferences over years.

The last time was $10,000 from Gallaudet and NTID to the 2006 NAD conference.

Gallaudet upped $5,000 to $10,000 after the NTID made the finanical contribution of $10,0000 as part of fair gesture.

Many thanks for posting this "overlooked" issue within the AGB fundings.

Please forward the e-NAD 2005 report to rlmdeaf@hotmail.com I could find the pinpoint of fundings from Gallaudet and NTID to the NAD conference.

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Aslpride said...

Since you show contributes up to 10,000 dollars. I wonder who is large contributes on more than 10,000 dollars? Someone did mention ATT is one of large contributes. I would like to see the large contributes to see who gives money to AGBELL. Thank you for sharing this information.

Jean Boutcher said...


It is inconceivable that Gallaudet University (under the I. King Jordan Administration) donated between $5,000 and $9,000 to the ABG that is against sign language.

I feel betrayed by Gallaudet for pandering to AGB who -- in their evil -- wanted to sterilise all deaf people so as to end deaf people as a variety of human race!

I pray that President Davila will say to GU's Financier Paul Kelly, "No donation to AGB."

michele said...

It is obvious that AGBAD has a very good fundraiser person with excellent outreach skills. What do people get in return when they donate to AGBAD? Me wonder.

thanks Jay for doing this, this is an eye-opener.

Anonymous said...

I also surfed through the AGBad organization, I was surprised that you could invest in their organization through buying their stock. I'm not very familiar with the stock market or whatever but I was surprised to see this. I wonder if NAD offers the same thing that people can invest through a stock for NAD. Does anyone know? And is that a good way to reap large money through the stock market? I didn't know that a non-profit organization could do that.

Deaf Woman said...

Wow, what an eye opener for many of us and we will surely keep it open for more info! I wonder if Gally and NTID/RIT gets donation from AGBad or is that not possible cuz AGBad is a non profit (duh, they are making huge profits...wonder how much money the people, that works there, brings home??). I'm not sure how that works...if non-profit org can make donations to other causes?

Oh Jay, I cracked up what you said at the end of your vlog: DEF...and different hand signals to end your vlog. I won't ever forget our crazy and fun filled chat during DR's award ceremony, live. You n John are hilarious together! You both ought to try to vlog together as if making conversation...I think, nono, not think, but definitely, will be a riot! Smiles!

Just Me said...

I can't help but feel that the principle emotion behind this post and the comments is jealousy.

k10 said...

thank you jay, for your motivation and effort in researching interesting tidbits that tie to our deaf community. it helps when each one of us brings the light to one another in seeing the bigger picture. each member of our deaf community needs to be as proactive as they can be. there r so many of us out there that have rich networking. imagine how we CAN make our networking work for our deaf community!

yours in deafhood! k10

Anonymous said...


Gallaudet and NTID might feel obligation to make a donation towards the AGBell because AGBell might make a huge donation to both institutions. Who Knows. Like the expression...Scratch my back , then scratch your back... Once more it was 2005. If you dig into the 2007 0r 2008, there may be no donations from those institutions.

We cannot tell anyone to stop making donations to AGBell because we live in a country that believes in freedom. There may be a valid reason for taxing off.

Jay, thanks for digging into this interesting report.

Sandra Goldstein

todd-google_analytics said...

As with all large corporations, some corruption will be present. The key is catching them in the act.

Just my thoughts!