Monday, February 4, 2008

Small World: Degrees of Separation

After reading an article in the Discover Magazine, Jay Krieger discusses "Degrees of Separation" concept. Jay then wonders if the Deaf Community have lower degrees of separation; thus our world appear "smaller".


Jay said...

More examples:

President of NAD - I could give/send envelope to my friend who is on NAD board, who can hand it to her (2 degrees)

Superintendent of CSDF - I could give/send envelope to my friend who works at CSDF, who can hand it to him (2 degrees)

Superintendent of CSDR - I could give/send envelope to my mom, who can give to her friend, who can give to his son, the superintendent (3 degrees).

So, try to think of ANY deaf person (regardless of job, position, etc.), and you will probably be surprised at the low number of degrees involved before your envelope gets to him/her.

gnarlydorkette said...

If you have Deaf258 as your close friend, you can get to any Deaf person in USA. He knows EVERYBODY that is Deaf. ;-)

I am not an expert, but I can say with confidence that if you want to put a number of degrees for San Diego's deaf community-- I say two degrees.

VERY easy to find people in San Diego if you did at least attend any mainstreamed/deaf programs for one or two years.

Even I can get an envelope to ASLpride, a vlogger, and I never met him!

Just Tom said...

Interesting theory! With internet, it will get to a certain person more quicker than sending hard copy (envelope) to them.

Gnarlydorkette, Youre right, Deaf258 KNOWS everyone, the envelope will get to someone else in two steps (or even less) :)

Just Tom...

Jay said...


No I dont know deaf258, but I know folks in San Diego, so either it would be 3 degrees (me to friend to the person), or 4 degrees (me to friend to deaf258 to the person). grins.

just tom,

Yes, we could email to anybody, but this research has to do with you knowing your next degree by their first name (person is already close to you). So emailing directly to the person you do not know does not apply here.

Jared Evans said...

My guess would be 3 degrees of separation between any two Deaf persons in the world.

OCDAC said...

I see three 'castes' in the deaf communities.

1) Deafhood Caste
2) Swinger Caste
3) AGBell Caste


The one who can't imagine you oral said...

Deaf families, one-two degrees!!!!!!

Non-deaf families, two to three degrees.

BTW - very nice examples, especially #1.

John Lestina --- said...

Response to Jay: CLICK HERE

mishkazena said...

I've pondered on this few times. I think more like between two and three degrees, depending how involved one is in the Deaf Community.

Karen said...

LOL--Just yesterday I was joking with a friend about "one degree of separation."

Deb Ann said...

It's interesting, Jay! I believe it's mostly two degrees in the deaf world and we are very lucky to be in the deaf world, don't you think so, too? ;)

By the way, I like your new beautiful-viewed banner!

Jessica said...

I agree with those who said two or three degrees. Wow, interesting article! Makes me think about Facebook and how our circles of friends overlap here and there too. I would say from me to you maybe three or so degrees as I know some people in Indianapolis. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jay,

I would say at most three degrees accroding the deaf comunity is much smaller than the hearing community.

Sandra Goldstein :-)