Thursday, February 14, 2008

Philematology - Science of Kissing

In the spirit of Valentine Day, Jay Krieger discusses the science of love and kissing. The information Jay discusses and the photographs shown came off the Internet.


Amy said...

Very nice job with your commentary!

Appropriate for Valentine's Day too!

Have a happy one, Jay.

I enjoyed watching and learning from you too.

Amy Cohen Efron

Anonymous said...

Wanna try me - i find your lips is sexy

the way you move like pure ASL and

your tongue is pure ORAL - LOL

Yappy Walentine Say!

IamMine said...


Got this email this morning and your commentator #2 made me laugh! ;)

So fuuuunnnnyyy!!!

I already knew some of the information you shared - why we are attracted to the "chosen" partner. I'm really blown away by this, but it does make sense.

Because I wasn't looking for THAT person, you know?

With Bobby, my hubby... years later, I would realize that he was a lot like my mother's second husband! He was a big influence in my life since he was part of it longer than the other men in my mother's life. :)

We get attracted to those that we are "familiar" with - even when we are not aware of it!

I don't think it necessarily means the parent all the time but someone who has had a big influence in your life, too...

Interesting vlog and on a Valentine's Day, too! :)

Nice heart sign off too! :D (Actually that was for you, commentator #2 *wink* Hehe)

Happy belated V-Day to everyone!!!

Jodi said...

Beautiful commentary Jay...
Kudos !!
I love all of your vlogs,, and I not only enjoy the topics but I learn from them as well,
Hope you and yours had a great V.Day...

Karen Mayes said...

I loved your posting! Yup, I heard about mother's chewing food to make it soft before passing into their infants' mouth part.

Happy Belated Valentine's Day :o)

Anonymous said...

Without watching the vlog - you knew I'd raise my eyebrows at this topic.

I'm still waiting for my Taco Bell Cinnamon Twists, Jay.


Lilly Benedict Crisman said...

Thank you for sharing!

It delights me to have seen a commentary like yours in ASL version.

Keep it up!

Lilly Benedict Crisman

cnkatz said...

Hey everybody in the blogworld, let's call Jay - Professor Blog. We learn so much from him. With topics trivial and not, he is darn good vlogger teaching us in the art de amour - and et cetera.

Cap off to you, Jay.

GalaxyAngelz said...

Vice versa!

Describe is quite impressive your preaching everyone about "Science of kissing" Make it so called "Valentine Day" (chuckles)

Wha..a.. lovely your comment!

Jean Boutcher said...

Prof. Jay!

I will, henceforth, call you
"Prof. Jay" because I constantly learn about life from you! You know everything from philosophy, sociology, history, psychology,
research, ad infinitum! Your way
of teaching is very objective. This is what a true scholar is all

Anonymous said...

Thanks for teaching and sharing. I enjoyed watching and learning from you. I learned something new about mothers chewing food to make soft then feeding babies. Interesting!!

Happy belated Valentine, too.

Joey Baer said...

Cool vlog! I enjoyed this one very much. I enjoy learning new things. :)

Hail to the power of vlogs!

DeafKathy (Wilson) said...

Awesome VLOG!

With vlogs being used, falling in love and personalities can been effect through vlog. What about the smell? Wondered one day, we will have hologram vlog? If so, can we reach and touch someone else and smell them through hologram video?

Happy Belate Valentine's Day to everyone!

Anonymous said...


I noticed the person who became widow or widower tends to find another soul mate who looks like their dead spouse. It seems a reminder.

For those divorced people they would find partners who do notlook like thier former spouses because they hate them and do not want them to remind them.

Sandra Goldstein

Anonymous said...

Oh my. This was a riot. Pinot Noir or not.

Next topic: Tattoos and their significance...or water temperatures - lukewarm, hot, cold.