Sunday, May 4, 2008

Gina's Poker Run

The Hoosier Deaf Bikers hosted its 4th annual Poker Run today. Jay Krieger narrates the events.


Jac said...

Fast, you already set up this vlog on a same day as today since I was there at ISD, too. It was wonderful to see all bikers there, also a beautiful day, it is a honor of Gina. We will never forget about her.


Judge said...

Inspiring story.

Well-done job!

Regards to Henry!

LaRonda said...

This was sweet and very heartfelt. Thanks for sharing.

~ LaRonda

John Lestina --- said...

It was the most beautiful day for us to ride on bike and memorial service for Gina. It take us 80 miles ride from first stop to last stop. Thanks for your inspiring vlog!

DeafKathy (Wilson) said...


Must be the most memorial moments ever!

Thanks for sharing.

FRED said...

Thanks Jay for sharing an inspiring story.

We (bikers) are with you all who rode that day and always. (no offense to non-bikers)

I wish to be out there and do interview with you bikers on different topics, but not possible for me to do it.

I will be in touch with you shortly on this concept for us bikers out here in the west coast.

Ride onward and ride safe!!

Phillip Easterling said...


Can I buy T-Shirt? Email me please.


NoHear said...

Hi Jay, I am very grateful that your group like the T shirt. I wish that I live in Indiana to join with you guys!
Merle Baldridge

Anonymous said...

I think it's beautiful to rename your annual PTCO biker event as Gina's Poker Run.

I have a problem with your shirt. The shirt represent with Harley Davidson logo. That turned me off. Not ALL of us ride Harley. Please next time get a shirt that represent everybody.

I ride a Harley Davidson myself.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jay and hoosier deaf bikers. Was good to meet. I got the same raccoon eyess. :) Good job with the poker run. HackHD from chicago.

Anonymous said...


What a touching Vlog! Thanks for sharing with us. I am sure Gina sitting on her bike is upstairs looking down at 45 bikers with happy tears and smile. Gina thanked them.

Sandra Goldstein

Connie Bowling said...

hello to all deaf bikers out in this world!!...wonderful vlog and I know that Gina Coleman is very proud of what all you guys have done in her honor and know that she would love this to continue in the future!!!!..By the way, I would like to buy one of those shirts!!..Sebd me an email and let me know the price!!!

Sarah J said...

This is very inspiring, well done!